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Gin or Wine Tasting stag do weekends @ Ginjams

The Details

Taking place in a characteristic boutique bar just outside Bournemouth, Ginjams plays host to your stag do for an afternoon of sophistication and refinement for those groups that want a change from the stereotypical stag do activities. With a great selection of tasting sessions available, an afternoon at Ginjams certainly has something that will appeal to stag groups of any taste.

Gin tasting game

A Perfect activity for Friday or Saturday evenings that fits in well with any Bournemouth stag do is the Gin tasting game. You'll be presented with 5 styles of gin and a tasting sheet and descriptions fo each for you to try and guess which order your samples were ordered winner gets the bragging rights as well as their next drink on the house, so you'll have to sharpen those tastebuds to head into the evening as the champion.

Wine Tasting Game

Similar to the gin tasting game, only with wine. Choose whether you prefer white or red. Each of you will have 5 samples to try and you’ll all be equipped with a tasting sheet with descriptions of your 5 samples. It is then your job to work out which order we served the 5 drinks to you. Any of you that get all 5 correct will receive your next drink on the house.

A Gin Education

Perfect for gin afficionados, the gin education is a more formal sit down gin tasting where our expert gin host will talk through 8 different gin styles whilst you taste them.

Tasting, tasting and more tasting

This slightly more informal taster session, where you get your own private bar and an expert gin host. In this format you can try as many of the gins at your bar as you like (there are 15 amazing styles available) in a two hour slot. This means that you can try the gins that interest you the most, rather than ones we put in front of you.

So if your Bournemouth stag do needs a more chilled experience, enquire today and speak to one of our Bournemouth stag do specialists to put together an amazing stag do.

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