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Bournemouth Safari Foursome Stag Do Package

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The Details

Safari Tent Accommodation Crossbows Axe Throwing Rage Buggies Assault Rifles

When checking in to your Bournemouth stag do accommodation, you'll immediately notice and be surprised at the many mod cons available to help you and your stag do settle in. Fridges, cooking gear, hot showers, proper toilets, a fire pit and much more is on site to help you make the most of your stay here. Once settled in you only have to walk a very short distance to enjoy your first Bournemouth stag do activity, Crossbows. You'll find Crossbows are surprisingly powerful and accurate as you and your group hit the crossbow range and try and outdo each other to be the best shot and claim 1st round bragging rights.

Next up you can release your inner 'Last of the Mohicans' and try your hand at Axe Throwing, these perfectly balanced throwing axes will test you and there's nothing more satisfying that hearing that unique 'thud' as the blade grips the target, truly the art of manliness!

Then its back to the tents to enjoy your evening, whether that's cooking up a BBQ & having a few beers or playing any games you've brought with you or perhaps you want to grab a taxi into the nearby village and enjoy a few freshly poured cold ones. The evening is yours to enjoy.

Saturday morning starts with a Bournemouth stag do package that petrol heads everywhere will appreciate, the amazing Rage Buggies. Powerful dirt buggies and a specially designed track will test you and your driving skills to the limit as your stag do compete in a time trial in a bid to be the fastest. Following that, it's time to hit the firing range again and get hold of a real gun. Yes that's right, a real Heckler & Koch, specially modified to fire the largest calibre rounds that English law allows, the .22 Rimfire. Shoot at Zombies and exploding targets trying to prove you're the best shot in this unique Bournemouth stag do activity.

The Schedule

Bournemouth Safari Tents

Accommodating stag do groups from 10 to 32 people these amazing authentic Safari tents play host to a unique Bournemouth stag do package. They have private showers and toilets attached to the tents. Both tents have a chilli out lounge area, with sofas, a dining table. Each tent has a fridge freezer and kettle, with all crockery and cutlery as required. Each tent also has a large gas BBQ, with hot plate and gas ring and field kitchen, as well as a fire pit. Making this a great Bournemouth stag weekend package.


You and your group will head to the firing range and learn how to use, aim and shoot these surprisingly powerful Crossbows. Take aim at various targets to prove whos the best shot and claim those bragging rights.

Did you know? Crossbows date from the 4th century and have been used for hunting and in warfare throughout history, as well as shooting apples off peoples heads!!

Axe Throwing

Using the amazingly balanced American Tomahawk throwing Axe’s, you and your Bournemouth stag do will learn the best techniques that enable you to throw the axes into the targets and then 'grip'! There's something very primal about throwing an axe at a target and hearing the distinctive 'thud' when it hits. Take aim at various distances and hit those scoring zones to really feel the art of manliness!

Rage Buggies

Clamber inside the roll cage, strap yourself into the bucket style rally seats, start the engine and floor it. In no time at all you are doing 60mph, slide sideways round the first bend and then blast along the straight.

During this time trial event your Bournemouth stag do will negotiate the specially designed track in a time trial event in a bid to have the fastest lap. Rage buggies are extremely light and agile, designed with a great centre of balance, and the roll cage protects in the (highly unlikely) event of rolling over. These popular buggies are built for all weather racing! So whether you’re racing in the dust and dirt during the summer or drifting around in the mud in the winter, this popular Bournemouth stag do activity will challenge even the best of drivers. A perfect Bournemouth stag do activity for petrolheads!

Assault Rifles

Fancy yourself as a bit of a marksman? Then our assault rifles activity is definitely a must! These are REAL guns with REAL bullets - no air powered firearms here! Hit the firing range take hold of the iconic H&K 416. These assault rifles have been modified the .22 Rimfire round, the only legal firearm ammunition allowed in the UK. Shoot at Zombies and exploding targets trying to prove you're the best shot in this unique Bournemouth stag do activity.

Pack up, check out and it's home time!

Secure your Bournemouth stag do package for the whole guestlist for only £50!

All of our offers can be tailored to suit your stag group - so if you want any changes made to it, just get in touch! We’re here to design the best Bournemouth stag do for you and your group.

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