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About Newcastle

Reasons to Visit

Whenever you say the word “Stag Weekend” to a group of guys, it is a scientific fact that at least two of the people listening will have automatically thought “Newcastle” as a response. (This scientific fact is backed up by absolutely no science whatsoever, but we’re pretty sure it’s true). Newcastle is infamous for being one of the country’s top party cities, and if we are being honest, it is a reputation that it definitely deserves.

That’s not the only reason to visit Newcastle of course – in fact, the list of reasons to visit is so long that we couldn’t possibly fit it on this page! Suffice it to say that Newcastle is the home of partying for a very good reason, and therefore a Newcastle stag do is one of the most sought after stag dos that you can get in the UK. But that’s not all that a Newcastle Stag Do can give you. Whatever your interests may be, Newcastle can provide for you. If you are interested in history, why not visit the Victoria tunnel or Newcastle’s very own castle? Alternatively, if you just want somewhere to explore and chill out during the day, then the Quayside is highly recommended.

Places to Stay

What is a stag do without somewhere to sleep? Luckily when you are arranging a Newcastle Stag Do there’s no shortage of well-located, affordable accommodation. And it doesn’t matter what level of quality or budget you are looking for – Newcastle has it all. Looking to keep to a low budget with several of you sharing one room? Not a problem. If, on the other hand, you are used to something more luxury, then Newcastle’s got that for you as well. In short, it’s a smorgasbord of accommodation options.

Getting Around

Getting to a stag do is always a tricky plan. For some it’s best to drive, for some you want to take a train, and for those who are even further away, other options are best investigated. Luckily, Newcastle has a large array of options to get you there. Obviously it is easily accessible by road, and by rail – but with a local airport and a port as well, you can get there by plane or even boat depending on where you are travelling from.

Whether or not you choose to drive to get to your Newcastle Stag Do, you won’t want to be getting behind the wheel once you are there if it can be avoided! Luckily Newcastle is a city with plenty of public transport. With buses and the Metro both running throughout the day and night, you’ll have no problem getting to or from anywhere you want to be.

Popular Activities

A Newcastle Stag Do can easily be filled with a huge number of possible activities – the choice is very much in your hands. Some of the most popular things to do on a Newcastle Stag Do tend to be vehicle related because, after all, who wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of an adrenaline fuelled off road vehicle on a stag do? There are plenty to choose from, with Quad Biking, Rage Buggies and 4x4 Off Road Driving all high on the popularity list for anyone’s weekend away.

That’s not all Newcastle has to offer though – far from it. Newcastle may have started as a party city due to its nightlife, but it wouldn’t maintain the high level of stag weekends it sees without a range of activities to surpass all other destinations – and it really delivers on that front. The number of available options are staggering – whether it’s Paintball, Whiskey Tasting, Treasure Hunts, Poker Tournaments, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Dodgeball... the list is almost endless!

Where To Eat

There are a great selection of Restaurants throughout Newcastle – both in the city centre and slightly further out, so wherever you are staying and whatever you are doing, you won’t find it hard to get a good meal. It’s not just big chain restaurants either, Newcastle has some of the most amazing local eateries you’ve ever encountered – everything from Indian to Chinese, Greek to Italian, any cuisine you can imagine will be served up in some of the best restaurants in the country. And if you want to take your eating habits one step further, then the Gut Buster Challenge is always around for you – tackle a giant burger or pizza (depending on what’s available at the time) in a true Man Vs Food style challenge.


We’ve touched on the Nightlife of a Newcastle Stag Do a few times on this page, but it’s worth re-iterating just how good the nightlife is in this amazing city. Apart from anything else, it’s the variety of nightspots available that really make it the best. You can take it as read that Newcastle has some of the best pubs, bars and clubs in the country - of course it has, you know that. It also has some Gentlemen’s clubs that are infamous, as well as a Bierkeller if that’s more your cup of tea. And then there are the extras for your night out – extras that you don’t necessarily get in other destinations. Fancy a Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt where you can learn a little something, compete with your mates and enjoy a huge array of drinks? We can arrange that. Want to hire a dwarf? No problem. Want to take part in a guided bar crawl where some beautiful ladies will take around all the best drinking spots? Of course you do – and that’s something that we can always offer.

With all of this excitement going on, it’s quite easy to see why a Newcastle Stag Do is such a well loved option for anyone’s last weekend of freedom. You’ll never be bored, you’ll never be sad, and you’ll never experience anything like it again once it’s over – so let us know what you’d like to get up to and we’ll make sure everything runs absolutely perfectly on your Newcastle Stag Do.

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