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About Edinburgh

Why an Edinburgh Stag Do?

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is well known as a city where you can have one of the best times of your life, and for that reason alone, it should be high on your list of possible Stag Do destinations. You’ll find that the option for an Edinburgh Stag Do will rise even higher when you get a quote and discover what a great value destination it is – at least for 11 months of the year! Yes, Edinburgh is one of those destinations that comes with a minor caveat – if you want to have your Stag weekend in August (while the world-famous Edinburgh festival is taking place) – you may discover that your quote is higher than the rest of the year, as accommodation is very limited. However, this minor inconvenience is more than balanced out by the amazing value of Edinburgh throughout the rest of the year.

The Scottish people have a reputation for being friendly, and an Edinburgh Stag Do will show you that is the case completely. Whether you encounter people when you are exploring during the day, taking part in one of the huge number of popular activities or running into locals when you are out on the town, you’ll find that the friendly atmosphere and great scenery combine to make Edinburgh a truly magical place for your stag do.

How to get there and get around

Getting to Edinburgh is easy. It doesn’t really matter where else in the UK you are coming from, there are multiple ways to get to Edinburgh, all of which have their advantages. If you are travelling a long way (from the south coast, for example), or just want to get there quickly, then jumping on a plane from any of the fifteen UK airports that serve quick direct flights to this beautiful destination. Other popular methods for travelling to Edinburgh include the train (which is not as fast as flying, but is often more practical if you aren’t within a few miles of one of the previously mentioned airports), or you can obviously all bundle into a car and drive, as the city is easily reachable via a number of major roads.

Getting around once you are in the city couldn’t be easier either. As with most cities, buses and taxis are common, but you do also have the trams, which run from the airport right through to the new town, ensuring that wherever you are and where you want to go, you’ll be able to get there with no hassle whatsoever.

Popular activities

Like many destinations, an Edinburgh stag do has all of the activities you normally associate with a stag weekend available to you with no hassle whatsoever - go-karting, quad biking, paintball and loads more can be arranged with ease. But if you are visiting Scotland (and Edinburgh in particular), why not try focussing on something a little more specific to the area you are travelling to? One great example (and the most popular activity for any Edinburgh Stag Do that we book) is the Mini Highland Games, an activity where you can all compete together to see who is the best at welly wanging, tossing the caber and many more.

That’s not all, though, after all, Edinburgh is famous for many more things than just the Highland Games – and if you really want a truly Scottish experience, then Whiskey Tasting is definitely an activity to include, or better yet, a distillery tour! The Edinburgh area is home to some of the world’s finest whiskeys, so whether you are a regular whiskey drinker or just enjoy a quick tipple on a special occasion, visiting a distillery and tasting the superb whiskeys that they have on offer is just one more reason to pick an Edinburgh Stag Do.


We’ve already been through the reasons why Edinburgh is such a great destination based on location and activities, but we’ve not mentioned the thing that for many stag parties is the absolutely essential part of the weekend – the nightlife. But don’t worry, Edinburgh has got everything you could possibly want for an amazing night out.

To start, you’ll explore some of the best pubs you have ever been to. If you’ve never been to a Scottish pub, then you are missing out – the Scots really know how to have a good night out, and with the atmosphere in Edinburgh being so nice and welcoming, you’ll feel at home whatever pub you find yourselves in. Also, with it being a university city, there are also plenty of student bars, so if you’re after a big chain bar with plenty of cheap drinks and special offers, then you’re in luck there as well!

With all of these amazing pubs and bars available, you almost don’t need anything more – but Edinburgh’s nightlife knows no bounds, and just because you COULD spend all of your evening in great bars and pubs, doesn’t mean that you should – after all, what’s an Edinburgh Stag do without a nightclub? With some of the best clubs you’ve ever been to, you’ll find yourselves enjoying the music right through until the sun comes back up. If you want more variety, then the amazing casinos and the great gentlemen’s clubs will provide the variation you want to make your stag do perfect, no matter what time you end up getting to bed!

With all of these great reasons to visit Edinburgh, then there’s no real reason not to! An Edinburgh Stag Do will be unforgettable for all the right reasons and make sure that your last night of freedom will always be a weekend to remember.

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