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Terms of Business

"We/Us" means The Stag and Hen Experience or Eventos Espana (who work on behalf of the Stag and Hen Experience for a selection of our Spanish Bookings)

"the Event" means any holiday, accommodation, activity or function organised or advertised by us

"You" means the person who has signed the booking form and includes all the people on whose behalf you have signed

"Supplier" means the company or person that is holding or providing the event or any part of it

"Price" means the total cost of the event

1. Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the contract between you and us to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, save for those implied by law, and no variation to these terms and conditions shall be valid unless in writing and signed by you and the company director.

2. Formation of Contract

No contract shall arise between you and us until we have received the deposit payable and we have sent to you written confirmation of our acceptance of your booking.

3. Lead Name

The lead name on any booking with us accepts the full responsibility of collecting the full balance payable for the booking and indemnifies The Stag and Hen Experience against any loss from individual failing to pay within your group. The lead name of the group is also responsible for ensuring that all group members are aware they are bound by our Terms and Conditions. It is understood that those booking via email or telephone agree to and accept our Terms and Conditions - written copies of which are available on request.

4.1 Payment & Deposits

Deposits are payable at the time of booking and the balance of payments are split into the following phases: An agreed non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is payable at time of booking. A second non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is due per person after receipt of initial deposit. The final balance is to be paid no less than eight weeks before the date upon which your event is due to start. Certain types of accommodation require an earlier balance date which will be communicated to you at time of booking (If your weekend is postponed your original balance date will still apply). You can pay your final balance early, but these funds will be non-refundable and non-transferable. Failure to pay by this date will result in a £25.00 per person late payment charge. If you do not make your deposit/balance payments by the due dates given, then you shall be deemed to have cancelled the event. Deposits are used by us to enter into the contractual arrangements on your behalf and are non refundable. Payments can be made with a valid Credit Card or Debit Card. All Credit Cards and Debit Cards do not include any administration fees, a minimum payment of £40 is required per transaction or an administration fee may be applied. In the event any over payments are made you will be refunded free of charge after your travel date, you can request the funds before travel but there would be a £30 release fee due to your funds being held in a secure client account.

4.2 Financial Protection

The Stag and Hen Experience is a company committed to customer satisfaction and consumer financial protection. We are therefore pleased to announce that, at no extra cost to you, and in accordance with ''The Package Travel, Package Tours Regulations'' all passengers booking with The Stag and Hen Experience are fully protected for the initial deposit, and subsequently the balance of monies paid as detailed in your booking confirmation form. Your money is fully protected and paid into an independent Trust Account, managed by Protected Trust Services Ltd of 307-315 Holdenhurst Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH8 8BX and its Trustees, chartered accountants - Elman Wall Ltd of 8th Floor, Becket House, 36 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DD.

5. Cancellation by Us

We may cancel the event or any part of it for the following reasons: If for safety reasons if we or our supplier(s) regard adverse weather conditions or other safety concerns as unacceptable and which cannot reasonably be overcome; If we reasonably believe that you may cause harm or damage to our reputation or to the reputation of our suppliers or to property belonging to our suppliers; If supplier or suppliers is or are unable to host the event for any reason; If changes you wish to make to the booking mean it is uneconomical or impractical to hold the event. If we cancel the whole of the event we shall use our best endeavours to rearrange the event on a mutually convent date, or provide a refund to you of the cost to us of the event. Excepting the above we shall be under no further liability to you for cancellation of the event or any part of it.

6. Cancellation by You

If you choose to cancel the event once the booking has been made, this must be made in writing and sent by the lead name of the group. If you cancel the event as a whole no monies will be returned and you may be required to pay us a cancellation fee. The amount of the cancellation fee is calculated according to the date on which we receive written notice of your wish to cancel; if you cancel with us more than 8 weeks in advance of the travel date, then no monies including all deposit and final balance payments that have been paid to us will be non-refundable and non-transferable but no further fee will be charged. If you cancel with us within 8 weeks of the travel date, then the cancellation fee is 100% of the total cost of the booking.

7. Failure to Provide an Event

If, due to reasons beyond our control, an event is unable to take place due to (but without limitation); closure of premises, the ceases of trading, a change in supplier management, we will provide you and your group with an alternative event and if this is does not prove possible, a refund to you of the cost to us of the event.

8. Accommodation

If your booking includes accommodation, the named accommodation will remain confidential to The Stag and Hen Experience and only be disclosed to you upon receipt of the secondary deposit. The room types we use for your booking can be of single, twin, triple, quad, or dormitory style with shared or ensuite bathroom facilities. The location of the accommodation we book is deemed centrally located at our discretion.

If you are unhappy with the location of the accommodation, we shall endeavour to move your booking to a more suitable accommodation, where possible, and you will be liable for any cancellation fees that apply to this move along with any increase in price for the new accommodation.

9. Meals

Breakfast is not included with accommodation bookings unless otherwise stated. The type of breakfast you will receive will be as stated on your online itinerary. Restaurant meals may require a pre-order to be completed by the lead name of the group. This should be completed and returned to us, or the venue as required. If a pre-order has not been completed, we accept no liability for meals not provided or delays in providing the meals for you. We will endeavour to meet any specialist dietary requests for any member of your group, but can not guarantee these requests. We accept no liability if our suppliers are unable to meet these requests in advance, or once at the venue.

10. Alterations + Surcharges Applied By Us

If due to circumstances beyond our control it becomes necessary to substitute alternative accommodation, which may be of a higher or lower standard, or make any other alterations to the event we shall inform you of the changes as soon as possible. If, in the view of The Stag and Hen Experience, these changes are so substantial as to materially alter the event and you are unwilling to accept them then you may cancel the event and we will give a refund of the cost of the event to us. Surcharges may be applicable where an event requires a minimum number of participants to proceed, and the group does not meet this minimum number. This could lead to the cancellation of the event of which we are not held responsible and alternatives may be offered of an equal or greater value. If this value is greater, then you must pay us the difference in price. If the final number of a group is an odd number, then a single supplement surcharge may apply if the booking includes accommodation or an event which is number dependant.

11. Alterations made by You

We shall try to accommodate any reasonable changes you wish to make to the event. Alterations and amendment requests should be made directly with us, and these changes shall not be deemed accepted until we have confirmed in writing to you. All date and destination changes will incur a £10 per person fee minimum charge £100, any activity changes including supplier change and time amendments will incur a £25 admin charge. If you need to add on extra people after the secondary deposit date, there will be a £25 per person administration fee. We would not be able to cancel the accommodation part of any package. Please note if you ask to amend / postponed your travel date your original final balance date will remain the same. These changes can only be considered or changed should the FCO or Government place a travel ban on your booked destination and the ban also covers the date of travel.

12. Your Obligations

You shall at all times behave in a safe, responsible and courteous manner; comply with all instructions; regulations and codes of practice issued by us or our suppliers; ensure that you comply with all age restrictions imposed by our suppliers; ensure that you comply with all arrival times, and dress appropriately for the event. If you breach these obligations we or our suppliers may cancel or curtail the event or any part of it and in those circumstances you shall not be entitled to any refund. You are responsible for your own insurance suitable for your needs (including delays for events involving travel by land, sea, or air before the event).

13. Our Obligations

We shall take reasonable care and skill in arranging the event and comply with all applicable laws in relation to the event; If a problem is encountered prior to travel, we will attempt, wherever possible, to re-schedule the event instead of cancelling. If this is impractical or would materially change the agreed event we will offer a refund to you of the cost to us of the event. All of the photographs and illustrations we use on our website and in literature we send you are for marketing purposes and may not entirely represent the actual products received.

14. Customer Feedback

If you have a problem whilst on your booking then you must contact the appropriate person(s) at the earliest opportunity, for example hotel / restaurant manager. Unless there is a valid reason why you did not report your problem to the appropriate person(s), we will not consider ourselves liable for those complaints. If they are unable to resolve matters to your satisfaction then you must write to us within 7 days of the conclusion of the event. No complaint will be accepted outside of this 7 day time frame thus deeming you fully satisfied with all aspects of the event and the services we have provided to you. We will acknowledge any correspondence within 28 days and endeavour to deal with the complaint as quickly as possible. Any refunds we deem appropriate will be in the form of a voucher towards a future group booking placed with us. No monetary refunds will be given for vouchers.

15. Contracts

(Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 Nothing in this agreement shall confer on any third party any benefit or right to enforce any terms of this agreement.

16. Free Place promotion

Where offered one FREE place shall be allocated to both Hen & Stag parties as long as each booking meets the minimum required numbers stated on individual booking paying the full per person package price.

17. Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising between you and us or our suppliers.

18. Extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions we will not be liable or pay you compensation if our contractual obligations to you are affected by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances which we or the supplier(s) of the service(s) in question could not avoid even taking all reasonable measures. To avoid any loss of funds through extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances we recommend taking out personal Travel Insurance. These events can include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, civil strife terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity, riot, the act of any government or other national or local authority including port or river authorities, industrial dispute, lock closure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster and adverse weather, sea, ice and river conditions and all similar events outside our or the supplier(s) control. Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a particular country may constitute unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

19. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

We may need to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. Any changes can only be made by us and not any third party member. We reserve the right to amend or improve these Terms and Conditions without prior notification. When it is necessary for changes to be made, we will forward you a copy of these changes and all reservations will abide by the amended terms, with the exception of reservations already made.

20. Photography

Any photography used by us is for illustrative purposes only and does not necessarily feature the venue or equipment you will be using.

21. Privacy and Cookie Policy

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