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Hen Do Weekends in Bath

About Bath

Bath is famous as a destination where you can relax. Home of the roman Baths, the Thermae Bath Spa and some absolutely beautiful architecture, it has long been the hen weekend destination of choice for those of you who want to have the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders while you escape for a weekend. And it’s an absolutely ideal destination for such an occasion.

Known for it’s beautiful views and gorgeous city centre, Bath has lots of accommodation options that will allow you to experience these first hand, as well as being located very centrally to ensure that you don’t have to walk very far to get from your night out to your comfortable bed – an important factor in any hen weekend.

We touched on the most popular activity in Bath at the top of this page, as rarely has one destination been so linked to just one activity – the world-famous Thermae Bath Spa. This beautiful modern marvel contains everything you could possibly imagine in a spa, including a fantastic rooftop pool. Three hour sessions are the standard for booking at the spa, and you’ll never have felt more relaxed in your life! There are plenty of other activities to supplement your Bath weekend as well, so you should find that whatever you enjoy, Bath will easily provide.

And in the evening, this beautiful city comes alive with classic bars providing you all kinds of entertainment and stunning drinks, and then you can move on to enjoy one of the cities most popular clubs – so whether you are a creature of habit or are desperate to try something new, there is something for you in Bath’s nightlife.

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What Can You Do In Bath?