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About Bath

Why have a Bath Hen Do?

Bath’s reputation for any hen do is that it is a destination where you can experience some of the best relaxation. Unlike some other big cities, which can be energetic, noisy and sometimes a little bit stressful, Bath’s combination of atmosphere and beautiful views help to keep you relaxed for the whole of your Bath Hen Do. As the home of the Roman Baths, the Thermae Bath Spa and some absolutely beautiful architecture, it has long been the hen weekend destination of choice for those of you who want to have the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders while you escape for a weekend. And it’s an absolutely ideal destination for such an occasion.

The good news is that Bath knows exactly what its reputation is and leans into it in a big bad way. After all, as a tourist destination, it is one of the top ten cities in the UK visited by foreign tourists, which is great, because any city that is well developed for tourism is always a perfect place for a weekend with the girls. So with all of that in mind, it’s starting to become clear why a Bath Hen Do is regularly in our top five hen weekends of the year, every year.

Where to stay?

Known for it’s beautiful views and gorgeous city centre, Bath has lots of accommodation options that will allow you to experience these first hand, as well as being located very centrally to ensure that you don’t have to walk very far to get from your night out to your comfortable bed – an important factor in any hen weekend. This selection of traditional accommodation options range from budget hotels, through local B&Bs and guest houses and right up through to popular four star chain hotels. And that’s not all – we also offer some bespoken Hen Accommodation that will really help you to enjoy your weekend away, with cottages that can have all kinds of activities within them, meaning that depending on what you want to do throughout your Bath Hen Do, you may not even need to leave the accommodation for most of it! In other words, whatever accommodation you would like for your Bath Hen Do, this city will happily provide.

Popular activities

I’ve already mentioned the most popular activity in Bath at the top of this page, as rarely has one destination been so linked to just one activity – the world-famous Thermae Bath Spa. This beautiful modern marvel contains everything you could possibly imagine in a spa, including a fantastic rooftop pool. Three hour sessions are the standard for booking at the spa, and you’ll never have felt more relaxed in your life!

As synonymous with this city as the Thermae Bath Spa may be, the great news is that there are a huge selection of other activities to pick from as well. So whether you want to combine multiple activities, or just don’t fancy the Thermae Bath Spa, why not consider some of the over ninety activities that we are able to provide here in this most popular of all Hen destinations. Particular favourites of groups who have travelled recently include the Lingerie Making (which gives you a little something naughty to take home for you and your loved one), the Afternoon Tea with unlimited prosecco (which is obviously popular because who doesn’t like unlimited prosecco), and the West Country Games (for those of you who are after an activity that is a bit more physical!) In short, no matter what you want to do for your Bath Hen Do, the city will easily provide it for you.

Getting there and getting around

Bath is nice and easy to get to from a variety of destinations throughout the country. It’s easy to get there by road, by train and it’s even reasonably easy to get there by aeroplane, so no matter where your guests are coming from, they shouldn’t have any problems getting to your Bath Hen Do.

Once you are there, you’ll find getting around is nice and easy. A big part of that is due to the way that the city centre is arranged, with everything in nice easy walking distance from everything else. This means that you don’t find yourselves having to get buses or taxis between any central location – saving you money and time throughout the weekend


We’ve not touched on the nightlife yet, so it’s time for us to focus on that, and you’ll be pleased to hear that Bath’s nightlife is absolutely a great part of any Bath Hen Do. Basically, the entire of this beautiful city comes alive with classic bars providing you all kinds of entertainment and stunning drinks. With Bath’s atmosphere of relaxation and independent businesses, then you’ll find yourselves alternating between large chain bars and smaller, more boutique local establishments, with the two combining to create you a perfect night out.

And that’s not all. If visiting a wide selection of bars is not enough for you and you really want to push the boat out, then it’s time for you to move on and enjoy one of the most popular clubs that Bath has to offer. Which means that whether you are a creature of habit or are desperate to try something new, there is something for you in Bath’s nightlife.

With all of these elements combining together to create an absolutely amazing Bath Hen Do, it quickly becomes clear why so many groups of girls are booking their most perfect possible hen dos in this beautiful and relaxing city.

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