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Thermal Bath Spa Stag Do Weekend

The Details

For those who prefer a more relaxed occasion for your stag do, a trip to Budapest and its thermal baths should do the trick! Located in City Park in the centre of Budapest is the beautiful Széchenyi Baths. This neo-baroque palace was built in 1913, and it contains fifteen thermal indoor baths, three grand outdoor pools and numerous steam rooms and saunas. The water fluctuates between a pleasant 74 and 77°C, making it the perfect place for a relaxing soak and the best possible place to overcome a hangover.

If your stag party enjoys a good bit of tourism, this is an excellent way to tick one of Budapest's most famous tourist attractions off of your list, and it is a perfect spot to take a break after a long day of activities, or to take a pit stop before a big night out. There are even chess boards to play on, and a range of massages and treatments are available, should you feel so inclined!

If relaxing in the famous thermal bath spa sounds like a perfect option for your stag do, please enquire with our friendly team now, so that we can put together the best possible package for you.

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