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Vineyard Tour Stag Do Weekend

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This is an activity exclusive to stag dos in Albufeira, and one we highly recommend! Nestled away in the sleepy hills of Portugal is an award winning vineyard, formerly owned and operated by one of the most famous singers of all time - Sir Cliff Richard! Perfect for a stag who loves a good bottle of wine and a laid back atmosphere, this vineyard tour offers a relaxing experience, twinned with stunning views of the surrounding Portuguese countryside.

The tour itself will offer you the chance to fully explore this peaceful vineyard, and lead by one of their experts, you'll gain an insight into how the wine is made on the property. You'll get a look into the entire process from start to finish, from growing the grapes, to the fermenters and storage vats, and through to their 150 barrel cellar, which is used for barrel and bottle maturing their reserve wines. Every aspect of the winery is available to explore, and you'll discover why most of the process is still done by hand, ensuring that only the highest quality wines are produced. Perhaps most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to try some of their award winning wines for yourself, fresh from the vineyard!

If a vineyard tour stag do weekend sounds right up your street, enquire now so we can put together the best possible package for you!

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