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Bath Hen Weekend Ideas

Beautiful quintessential hen weekend destiation

Bath Hen Weekend Ideas

Hen weekend in Bath

Bath is, and has universally always been, a hugely popular hen weekend destination. Something about the combination of a beautiful city, a relaxed atmosphere, some great nightlife and one of the most famous spas in the country seems to really speak to hen parties, I wonder why?! So if you are considering this picturesque city as the location for your perfect hen do, I imagine you are wondering what it has to offer that nowhere else does? Well we can help you with that question – we’ve sent so many hen parties to Bath that we know what is popular and what isn’t, and we’ll happily provide you with some fantastic hen weekend package options here, to help ensure that your hen do in Bath is absolutely perfect.

Picking your perfect hen party accommodation

It doesn’t matter what you are after in Bath for your accommodation, it has everything you could possibly want, and it’s all of brilliant quality. If you are just after a standard hotel close to the city centre, then these are easily available, but why not push the boat out a little? Bath is one of the places that offers some superb Bespoke Hen do Accommodation, with cottages that you can rent out for yourself and the ladies, giving you your own perfect place to relax throughout the hen weekend. And that’s not all you can do – if you enjoy the cottages so much that you don’t want to leave, then you can even arrange for activities to come to you! Pamper sessions, Cocktail Classes, Butlers and more are all easily arrangeable to come to your own accommodation, meaning that you can really embrace all of the aspects of the hen do without even having to walk out the door!

Taking advantage of Bath’s Roman heritage.

Bath is a beautiful city, and is obviously most well known for the Roman Baths. This atmospheric and beautiful building is famous throughout the country as being the best example of a traditional Roman baths anywhere in the world, and it is absolutely worth a visit. The good news, as well is that it is just a couple of minutes walk from the attraction that most hen dos are desperate to visit – the Thermae Bath Spa. This unique Spa is Britain’s original thermal spa, dating from Roman times (those Romans, always having the best ideas), and it is an experience like no other to spend some time during your hen do, relaxing in it. It is a perfect place to spend some time on a hen weekend, especially if you are trying to shift a hangover, as the relaxing warm natural hot springs will help to sooth away any stress (as well as any hangovers!) you may be carrying, and with other treatments being available as well, you can really pamper yourselves.

Adding extra value to your hen weekend at no extra cost

Just like many other cities, Bath is filled with things that you can do that won’t cost you anything – which is perfect when you are spending a fun-filled weekend away, but making sure that the budget stays reasonable. Just a few options are listed below depending on the sort of thing you enjoy:

Relax in Royal Victoria Park –

Royal Victoria Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the south of England. Opened in 1830 (as you can probably tell from the name), this park is full of beauty and wonder – tree-lined avenues guide you from area to area, with a huge array of plants encompassing both botanical and woodland gardens. A perfect place for a nice relaxing walk during your Bath hen weekend.

Crank up the Culture –

Bath has two amazing museums, the Victoria Art Gallery and the Holburne Museum. Both of these display a wide range of art, whether that be recent contemporary work, or items from hundreds of years ago – so whatever you enjoy in the art world, you are likely to find something that floats your boat at one or other of these brilliant venues.

Appreciate the Architecture –

Even if you aren’t normally the type of person who enjoys looking at beautiful buildings, there is something about the architecture of Bath that will draw your eye to it, and before long you’ll realise you’ve spent ten minutes just staring at it! Whether it’s the Circus (not an actual circus, but a set of houses built in a perfect circle to mimic the colosseum in Rome), the Royal Crescent (again, another semi-circle of houses, this one will be recognisable to some of you from its many appearences in film and TV including Inspector Morse, The Duchess and The Queen), or just admiring the absolute beauty of Bath Abbey, it is always worth looking around while you are walking through Bath.

Breaking out the purse and hitting the shops –

As well as all of the standard shops you’d expect in a major city centre, Bath is full of fun and exciting independent shops and boutiques dotted all around the city. Some of the best places to find these wonderful retail outlets include Pulteney Bridge, Milsom Street and Bath Guildhall Market. If you are after souveniers of a wonderful hen weekend together, these places will provide you something unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

It is perfectly catered for hen parties

As well as all of the other things I’ve mentioned here, one of the key selling points of Bath is just that it is so well suited for a hen do. As a hen destination, it’s easy to get to from other areas of the country, whether that is by road or by public transport, and once you are there the entire place is just so well organised. The best bars and clubs are all located close to each other, ensuring that you aren’t staggering long distances from place to place on a night out, all of the hen activities you’d expect to be able to arrange are all available, and the place itself is so friendly that you’ll have a whale of a time.

So, have we convinced you? Do you think that Bath would be a perfect place for your hen do? Then why not get in touch on 01202 566100 or via email sarah@staghenexp.co.uk and let one of our hen weekend package experts can help you plan your perfect Bath Hen Weekend.