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Best Things to Eat after a big night out!

Five top takeaways to eat on your way home

Best Things to Eat after a big night out!

If you are still standing (however badly) at the end of a night out, then something to eat is always at the forefront of your mind. Obviously, depending on what time you get out of the last drinking establishment you've been in, there are only certain types of takeaway available. But which is best? Obviously everyone has personal tastes, but there are practical aspects to these choices as well, so we thought we'd give you our advice on the top five end-of-the-night takeaways!

5) Pizza
While this is a favourite around the office as a regular takeaway when you are at home, at the end of a night out, it has it’s own share of problems. You'll get no disagreement from us that it is incredibly tasty and you have a huge variety of options, which is great, but then you start to run into issues

The biggest issue with a pizza is one of practicality. While it is easy to eat a pizza slice one-handed (an essential requirement for a post-night out takeaway), you are still stuck with the stupidly large box that you have to carry – and ideally keep flat! And let’s not even mention that it takes a while to cook, so you’re stuck in the takeaway for ages. When you combine those problems with the fact that having such a large takeaway can often lead to your stomach being over-full, which if you’ve already filled it with beer can lead to less than lovely consequences, and the fact that pizza is not the cheapest of the takeaways, it ended up at fifth in our list

Perfect if: There are at least two of you who want to share, and you are less than five minutes stagger from your house

4) Fried Chicken

There are lots of options for fried chicken – if you see a takeaway, the chances are that it’s name will be a variation of *insert American state here* fried chicken. It’s a popular market, and for very good reason. It’s delicious, easy to eat and not too expensive. So why is it only at number four on our list?

A couple of reasons – and the first is choice. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. When I’m drunk (and I suspect it’s the same for a lot of you) I think I am hungrier than I am. So I either order too much and waste a lot, or eat it all and feel sick! When you’ve had a few drinks, the last thing you need is to be choosing whether you want 2 pieces, 3 pieces, any sides, what size chips, etc etc…

Also, chicken has bones, which means that you actually have to pay attention while eating, you can’t just eat everything in your hand… you also need somewhere to throw the bones away! And let’s be honest, of all the takeaway options, the one that is impossible to reheat and enjoy in the morning is fried chicken.

Perfect if: You have a normal order for fried chicken that you know beforehand, and if you are pretty close to your final destination

3) Cheesy Chips

An extremely popular option, cheesy chips are great for many reasons. They are cheap, they are easy (ish) to eat, and the only rubbish they leave you with is the packaging they came in. So why aren’t they higher on the list? To be honest, for us it’s the relatively small size and the lack of variety of taste. While some of my complaints about the previous two foodstuffs were about their size and the worry that you’ll end up with too much left over/on the floor, the biggest problem with cheesy chips is simply the fact that they are cheesy chips. They’re nice, but lacking in substance…

Perfect if: You already feel basically full, but your brain is telling you to eat something anyway!

2) Burger

Burgers are an almost perfect food, I think we can all agree on that. Whatever you like in your food, whatever you desire, you can get a burger to fulfil that taste for you. They’re quick to make, and easy to eat. In many ways, you might think, they are the perfect drunk food. And you’re almost right. But there is one thing that separates burgers and our number one option, and it’s this – there’s only one chance with a burger.

You look confused – allow me to explain! The basic problem is that a burger is one thing – unlike Fried Chicken, or Cheesy Chips, or a slice of pizza, when you eat a burger you are holding your entire meal in your hand. Which means if you are drunk enough that you are unsteady on your feet (as we all have been from time to time), then you have a much greater risk of dropping your entire meal, as opposed to simply dropping one part of it. And once it’s left your hand then it’s game over – because it doesn’t matter which way up it hits the floor, it’ll be inedible once it has!

Perfect if: You have a sit-down journey home (bus, taxi, train, lift from long-suffering sober friend, etc)

1) Kebab

Of course this is the number one, what else would win this list? The kebab is a perfect end-of-night snack. It easily solves the major problems raised with all of the other contestants, to ensure that it is easily the best option. It’s portable, easy to eat, comes with enough toppings/sauce options to give variety without so many that it’s confusing, and usually only comes in two or three different sizes – meaning that you have just the right amount of choice for a drunk man – enough to personalise, but not enough to confuse.

I don’t really know what else to say – this is one of those choices that is so obvious it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Perfect if: You like food.

So that was our top five takeaways for the end of a night out – did we miss anything? Let us know – hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, or email us