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Bristol Stag Do Ideas

Great activities for your Bristol Stag

Bristol Stag Do Ideas

Bristol Stag Do Ideas

So you’ve decided on a Bristol Stag Do, and you are looking for some ideas about how to make it the best stag do that it can possibly be? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place! Let’s start at the beginning, where are you going to stay?

Accommodation options are plentiful, but obviously what you want is the best thing for you and the lads. If you are trying to keep your budget low, then our multiple Bronze Stag Do Accommodation options are great at getting you somewhere nice and central to stay. But, if you are looking for something a bit more luxury (and that costs much less than you might imagine it to do), then why not have a look at our amazing Stag Houses – The Threes?

These houses can either be booked as one (for a larger party), or booked separately for smaller groups. The key things about these houses is that they are amazingly located in a trendy suburb close to the city centre. Each house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, which means that if you are a larger group and you’ve booked the pair, then there are six different bathrooms to choose from – so you shouldn’t end up queuing for a shower at any point!

So that’s a couple of ideas for your accommodation on your Bristol Stag Do, but what about things to do when you are there? What activities are popular? Which do we recommend? I mean, you can see from the list on our Bristol page that there are over sixty-five activities that we offer, and I appreciate that number of activities can be hard to choose from, especially if you have no real idea where to start.

The first thing that I would wholeheartedly recommend to any Bristol Stag Do is the assault rifles. After all, the point of a stag do is to experience things you’d never normally get the chance to experience, right? Well this assault rifle experience is something that you can only do at three destinations in the whole country. You get to lay your hands on genuine assault rifles (not air rifles, not tampered with / cut down versions), and compete with the lads to see who is best at shooting targets – both fixed and moving.

Another really great option for your Bristol Stag Do activity is the Freefall Simulator. Again, this is one of those activities that is hard to find in the UK, but luckily is available in Bristol, making it a perfect activity for any Bristol Stag Do. If you don’t know what a Freefall Simulator is, allow me to explain. It’s basically a way to go skydiving without having to go up in a plane and jump out (and without the huge expense that incurs!) You get to experience the sensations of floating in the air due to a huge fan blasting you into the air. It’s perfectly safe (you have an instructor there with you) and is a feeling unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.

If you fancy something with a bit more teamwork for your Bristol Stag Do, then I can also recommend the West Country Games. This is one of those activities that is patently ridiculous and yet is something that is such good fun it’s definitely worth a go! It’s like the old classic TV Show “It’s a Knockout” (or “Total Wipeout” for those youngsters among you!) but it’s got a west country edge, so you’ll find yourselves battling for supremacy in competitive activities that include pitch fork duels, bungee runs, apple launchers and more. There’s also an on site restaurant that serves traditional beer and cider, so you can refresh yourselves after your exhaustive experience!

That’s just a few of the many highly recommend suggestions for daytime activities on your Bristol Stag Do. But what about the evenings? Well don’t panic, we’ve got plenty more ideas to go around.

Obviously having a drink or three is a vital part of any Bristol Stag Do, so we’ve got a few ideas based around drinking. The most popular of these is the Bar Crawl Babes. These lovely ladies are local and have a huge knowledge of all the nightspots Bristol has to offer, so they’ll take you from place to place, ensuring that you are finding the best options for you and the lads to enjoy a drink or two. The even better news is that they’ll look after the kitty and even do the queuing up for you at each bar. They’ll also include drinking games, challenges, forfeits and other entertainments throughout the evening, making it the best way to explore this amazing city’s bars, pubs and clubs.

Another variant on the pub crawl which is always popular is the Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt. This a self-guided crawl, but one with a point – you are split into teams competing against your friends to see who can find all the treasures the fastest, while still having a drink or two in every pub! This is great as it really gives you the chance to explore the local pubs and still gives you an element of competition throughout the evening.

Obviously there are all the evening staples like meals, beer tastings and the like, but the last idea we wanted to highlight here is one you may never have considered – Bingo Lingo. Don’t run away, I know that the idea of Bingo sounds like something your nan would go to, but trust me, this is one bingo night that you’ll absolutely love. It’s got the competitive nature of bingo, but everything else has been ramped up – it’s ridiculous, it’s full of banter and fun, you’ve got charismatic hosts, party games and amazing prizes. Also, it’s hugely popular with hen parties, so if you are a stag do with lots of single lads who are looking for a fun time, it’s a great place to go!

There you have it, a few ideas for your Bristol Stag Do – any take your fancy?