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Edinburgh Hen Weekend

Free and Cheap things to do

Edinburgh Hen Weekend

Free things to do on your Edinburgh Hen weekend

The ancient city of Edinburgh is a top location for Hen weekends. This ever popular Hen party location has it all, with fantastic architecture and a rich history, not to mention a jumping bar and nightclub scene. In Edinburgh you can find loads of different ways to spend your money on your Hen weekend, but not everyone has a big budget for their weekend so we have made a few recommendations for ways to enjoy your Hen weekend without spending a fortune. Here are some suggestions for free things to do in Edinburgh on your Hen weekend

Enjoy the fantastic views from Arthur’s Seat

If you and your Hens are looking for an invigorating afternoon In Edinburgh which isn’t going to cost anything then why not climb Arthur’s Seat? Arthur’s Seat is located about a mile east of Edinburgh Castle and is an ancient volcano which rises to 251 metres above sea level, affording fantastic, panoramic views of the city and beyond. Arthur’s Seat is the highest point in the 640 acre Holyrood Park, which is a Royal Park adjoining Holyrood Palace and is just a short stroll from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Arthurs Seat can be reached by a pleasant hike from the east, where a grassy slope rises above Dunsapie Loch. As well as providing some fresh air and exercise for your Hen weekend in Edinburgh, this free activity will provide you with an abundance of Instagram moments!

Take a stroll around the Old Town

No Hen weekend in Edinburgh is complete without a wander through the Old Town of Edinburgh and it’s labyrinth of cobblestone streets, presided over by the imposing Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Old Town has had UNESCO World Heritage status since 1995 and the Old Town is replete with interesting sights, such as the Camera Obscura, which offers visitors optical illusions from the Victorian Era, the Castle itself, looming over the Old Town from its granite crag, Victoria Street (popular with the Instagram crowd) and the Grassmarket, which was originally a marketplace for horses and cattle as well as an execution ground. As well as all the history, the Old Town is also packed with eclectic shopping and some of Edinburgh’s best pubs, so it’s ideal if you have a free afternoon to fill on your Edinburgh Hen weekend.

Visit the National Gallery of Scotland complex

If you and the girls are looking to fill a rainy afternoon on your Hen weekend in Edinburgh, then take a visit to the National Gallery of Scotland complex. This complex is located in the centre of Edinburgh and consists of three galleries and is home to the nation’s collection of Scottish and International Art and contains over 92,000 pieces. The complex includes the National Gallery of Scotland and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery as well as the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. If you and your Hens are in the mood for some culture, all of these galleries are free to enter making it a budget friendly way to spend an afternoon on your Edinburgh Hen weekend.

Take a picnic in the Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens are two adjacent parks which are a centrepiece of the city of Edinburgh, separating the Old Town and the New Town. The Gardens were built on ground reclaimed when Nor Loch (Edinburgh’s largest loch and favourite dumping ground) was drained in the 1760’s to make way for the construction of Edinburgh’s New Town. Initially the Princes Street Gardens were private gardens, but they are now Public parks for the enjoyment of everyone. If you and your Hens are looking for a free activity on your Hen weekend then we would certainly recommend a picnic and a stroll in this highly Instagram-able location!

Check out the Museum on the Mound

The Mound is located in central Edinburgh and was formed during the construction of the New Town and the draining of Nor Loch in 1765. The Mound itself is formed from an estimated one and a half million cartloads of earth excavated during this time. On the Mound is the Bank of Scotland’s Head Office, a Baroque Revival building topped with a dome, which, because it is built on a steep slope has an extensive basemen. In this basement there is housed the Museum on the Mound. The Museum on the Mound is a museum devoted to money, coinage and economics which is free to enter and therefore ideal for a rainy afternoon on your Edinburgh Hen weekend! One of the principal exhibitions in the Museum on the Mount is £1 million in banknotes, but there is plenty more to keep you and the ladies interested and entertained.

This is just a small selection of free and cheap things to do in Edinburgh, there are plenty more parks and gardens to visit, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, as well as a great selection of Museums which are free to enter, including the Museum of Childhood, in case any of your Hens are feeling broody! Any fans of Harry Potter can also take the Harry Potter tour, a free tour of the locations such as Greyfriars Kirkyard, which features the gravestones that inspired JK Rowling to base the names of her characters on. The tour will also take you to the cafés such as The Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote her books and is a must for Harry Potter fans.

If you want more information on what you can do in Edinburgh for your Hen weekend just drop us a line at the Stag and Hen Experience and let one of our consultants help you plan the perfect Hen weekend package in Edinburgh!