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Hen Do Challenges and Games

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Hen Do Challenges and Games

Hen do games and challenges

The hen dos are parties celebrated in honor of a woman who is about to get married. Despite it have its origins in different harmless traditions, hen nights have evolved to a point in which there are lots of women interested in testing the creativity of the bridesmaids in order to have an experience a little more spicy instead of having the usual and old-fashioned celebration. Today there is a great quantity of games and challenges that were created specifically to turn on any kind of bachelorette party. While many of the games can be simple and innocuous but actually entertaining, there are lots of other ones that are capable of getting the crazy side out of any maid of honor on Earth and turn a quiet dinner between friends into an epicenter of wildness. Also, beyond of counting with a wide variety of games already existent for the purposes of this kind of parties, the only limit is the lack or excess of boldness from the bridesmaids and the bride herself to see how deranged or candid they really are. Either way, below is shown a list of games and challenges that could be ideal to give some personality and spontaneity to any type of hen dos:

Challenges Hunt

A hen weekend is usually seen as a last opportunity to be able to make crazy stuff and leave behind all possible inhibitions at least for once. A dynamic and daring way to obligate the guests challenge themselves to see how far they can make it is through a challenges hunt. The maid of honor must organize a list of dares and distribute it amongst the whole group with the mission of achieving all of the challenges during the course of the night, which means that the hunt is developed parallel to the rest of the party and it finishes when the first person gets to complete all the challenges. The quantity and characteristics of the dares can vary and adapt to the kind of occasion, but this game is ideal for a hen night out at a club or any similar establishment. For example, those dares could be such as performing a sexy dance for a stranger, kissing with a younger man without talking to him or getting twenty new followers on Instagram just by asking the people there to follow you, etcetera. If for some reason no one gets to complete all of the objectives when the night ends, the one who got the higher number of challenges completed becomes the winner. Those who lost must do a penance that should have been selected by the maid of honor along with the dares. It does not matter who wins or loses, the next day there will be a lot of anecdotes guaranteed.

The Mr. And Mrs. Quiz

This is considered one of the most iconic and important games of any hen do. Different from many others, this one is ideal for celebrations a little bit more serene and still offers a nice time and the chance to have a laugh while testing the bride to find out how much she knows the man she is about to marry. In order to play it must be prepared a minimum of 15 or 20 questions about the groom to share between the guests, who will take turns to ask the honoree. The questions should be a mix of personal, thoughtful, romantic, funny and naughty. To make it a more entertaining experience, is recommendable to prepare a video with the groom answering to each question and play it whilst the bride is responding. If she answers wrong, she has to do a forfeit chosen by the guests, on the other hand if her response is right, she must choose a forfeit for the one who made the question. It might seem as an innocent game, but depending on how it develops it can set up a great mood for a great hen night.

Guess the drink

After a real hen night’s experience usually there will be many anecdotes of all kinds of which maybe some would be better not to share with the ones who were not there, whilst others might simply won’t be possible to remember. Alcohol is often one of the most typical and efficient companion to create these memories and also to erase them as they are happening. Never the less, liquor is never absent and neither are the drinking games. Guess the drink could be a great entertainment to give a start to the party and it is only needed a certain variety of liquors and. To play is pretty simple: someone has to invent or recreate an alcoholic beverage and has to give it to another person that must guess what drink it is (if it already exists) or what does it contains. If the one guessing answers right, the one who prepared the beverage must finish the whole drink, but if the one who drinks cannot find the right answer then she must terminate the beverage by one gulp . This game is a great chance to be creative at making new audacious combinations and it can be played by rounds or sporadically all through the night. The possibilities are only limited by the alcohol available and the liver of those who dare to play.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Picking out the dress she is going to wear in her wedding day is probably one of the most demanding and complicated duties for any woman who is about to get married. Nonetheless, all of the stress that in some moment could have been generated by the dress’ choosing is parodied and eventually dissipated thanks to the toilet paper wedding dress, which is one of the most expected at a classic hen night and unquestionably a public’s favorite. The name does not leave much to imagination, the guests have to design and make completely a wedding dress using only or mainly toilet paper. Once all the garments are done, the participants can organize a fashion show, making a photoshoot and ultimately electing the winner of the best dress. Naturally, as usual, the victorious hen will receive a prize and will have the power to give some kind of forfeit for the rest of the contestants. This can definitely go out of control.