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Hen Do Weekend Accommodation

What accommodation is right for your group?

Hen Do Weekend Accommodation

Choosing the right Hen weekend accommodation.

When you are considering your Hen weekend accommodation there are various different options available to you, primarily dependent on budget.

The first type of accommodation, and generally the cheapest, is hostel accommodation. A hostel consists of dormitory style accommodation, normally involving bunk beds, with shared bathroom and common space facilities. Hostels are generally located in the centre of cities and resorts and provide good, economical centrally located accommodation. Hostels have a reputation for being basic, however, in recent years, hostels have started providing more and more facilities such as cinema rooms, bars and even hot tubs to stand out from the crowd. In a lot of hostels these days you will get all the facilities you get in a hotel, with dormitory accommodation being the only thing setting them apart, although many hostels now offer private rooms as well. One of the most underrated parts of Hostel accommodation is the social aspect. With the shared common room that most hostels offer, you have a chance to meet your fellow travellers and there is always a party atmosphere at the weekends!

A second option for your Hen do accommodation is the Bed and Breakfast. These are smaller, generally privately owned, lodging establishments that offer overnight accommodation and breakfast in the morning. Guests are generally accommodated in private rooms with private bathrooms, or occasionally in suites of rooms. This type of accommodation is generally in private homes of between 4 and 11 rooms as opposed to purpose built hotel accommodation, and can be found in the centre of most towns and cities.

Hotel accommodation is a popular choice for Hen party accommodation. At the lower end of the price range you have 2* Hotels. These are smaller hotels, generally run by the proprietor. They are normally located near attractions, convenient to public transport and at major intersections. They provide basic, clean, but most of all economical accommodation. To meet the 2* classification, a hotel needs to be able to provide a clearly designated reception area and private rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. A 2* hotel should provide a restaurant and dining area and also be licenced to sell alcohol and an area where beverages can be served.

If you are looking for a little more comfort than the 2* Hotel, then the next option is the 3* Hotel. These are often located in the centre of towns and cities near major expressways and airports and with easy access to business districts. They will generally have more spacious rooms and nicer furnishings, with extra touches like a television and telephone in the room. Room service must be available with a minimum of hot and cold drinks and snacks during the daytime and the evening. Wi-fi should be available in all public areas.

For the next level of accommodation there are 4* hotels. These hotels provide above average, deluxe experiences for their guests. These hotels are located near to the city centre and often have exclusive facilities like swimming pools and spa areas. If you Hen party is staying at a 4* spa hotel you will have access to the swimming pool and spa and gym facilities during your stay and most hotels have no issues with you using the spa and swimming facilities after you have checked out, so if you are staying for the weekend make the most of the facilities on the Sunday after check out if you and your Hens are after a pampering after your weekend partying.

For those after a higher level of luxury than is provided by a 4* hotel, provided you have the budget, then there is the 5* hotel option. These hotels are geared towards taking care of their guests to the highest level. Service staff should be highly trained and everything from the exterior décor of the building to the table ware should display excellent quality and high attention to detail. 5* hotels should offer a restaurant menu with an excellent range of dishes of high quality and presentation, as well as services exceeding the norm such as valet parking, concierge service and 24 hour room service. 5* hotels must boast additional facilities such as a secondary dining area, health club, spa, business centre facilities, etc.

Apartment accommodation gives you more flexibility for your Hen do than hotel accommodation. Your apartment will have a one or more bedrooms, a separate bathroom and a living area with kitchenette. This type of accommodation gives you the option of having a Butler in the Buff for an hour or two, or maybe a stripper at your accommodation. Serviced apartments are generally located in town and city centres and provide for corporate clients during the week and are therefore normally pleased to welcome booking for Hen do’s.

Cottage accommodation covers everything from a three bedroom house sleeping 8 people to a large country house sleeping up to 30. The larger, grander more luxurious properties generally come with a high price tag, but provide you with a superb location for your Hen weekend. With this type of accommodation you can book a private chef to cook for you in your accommodation and maybe a Butler in the Buff to serve the food and drinks and can save having to hire a venue for activities like nude life drawing classes.

If you are unsure as to the type of accommodation you should choose for your Hen weekend, then one of our consultants will be able to advise you, however if you want the best accommodation at the best price the best advice we can give you is to book early!