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Hen Dos in York

What else is there to do while on your hen do

Hen Dos in York

York Hen Do

York is undoubtably one of the oldest cities in the UK predating records and there has been significant evidence of settlements dating back to 8000BC and as the years have gone by, York has gone by many different names, from the Roman ‘Eboreum’ to the Viking ‘Jorvik’ through to todays ‘York.’ Each new generation bringing new trade, multiculturalism, customs and even language. The evidence of these ‘incarnations’ are strewn all around the city and can still be seen today through the infrastructure, the architecture and the landscape. It really is a beautiful blend that comes together to make up a city so full of ambiance it can feel sometimes that you’ve literally stepped back in time. This atmosphere certainly contributes to it’s popularity as a hen do destination, but its not exclusively this, that bring the hen weekends to the city.

So apart from the scenery, the abundance of activities, and buzzing nightlife we have on offer, what else is there to see and do whilst on your hen do in York that’s also light on your purse?


The Shambles is one of the most charismatic streets in York, it’s arguably one of the most famous streets in the world (ok, not including Coronation and Ramsey!) Tudor buildings dating from as early as 1350 all the way to the late 15th century line the cobbled walkway, It is said that The Shambles was the inspiration for Diagon Ally in the Harry Potter franchise due to its fantastic medieval architecture. This sets the perfect scene for some of the areas best boutique shopping with artisan chocolates, old taverns, tearooms and there’s even a Wizards shop! Quick Trivia time, the Overhang on the Tudor buildings is commonly known as Jettying. It wasn’t that long ago that it was assumed that human waste was thrown out the window (yuk), but this is luckily, now seen as being nonsense and it was more likely about property tax being based on the ‘footprint’ of the building and not it’s size. So hopefully now I’ve made you a little more dangerous at quizzes, I’ve also made you curious and eager to visit this unique part of York on your hen do!

The Wall

The walls surrounding the town have been around since the Romans first built a fortification around the city because York, was it’s northernmost outpost and it needed to protect itself from invaders from the north. Unfortunately, that wall no longer exists, however throughout history the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and the Normans have built upon its foundations and contributed in some way to how you see York standing today. The wall hasn’t just protected the city and its inhabitants from invaders, but it has also protected it’s unique architecture from modernisation, it almost acts as a time capsule, an outdoor museum celebrating it’s historys legacy. The wall walk is about 3 miles and can take a couple of hours during busy times, however with 4 different gates, you are also able to walk sections. I highly recommend the Bootham Bar section, which in my opinion is the most scenic part of the wall walk giving you the best opportunity to see the famous Minster from a different angle as well as giving you girls the best Insta shots, better still, it’s free! What better way to cure those hangover blues on your hen weekend.

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a fantastic way to explore any new city, this statement is especially true when it comes to York. With such a history, most of the centre is comprised of narrow alleyways and passages filled with hidden gems and historical landmarks you wouldn’t normally see by sticking to the cities main routes. The treasure hunt will see you split into teams and complete a series of quests around the city and it’s a race to the finish line to crown the winner! Completely digital, you’ll use your own phones/tablets to read the clues and log your successes. Truly a great way to see the hidden York on your hen weekend. York also has a great selection of bars and pubs and if you prefer, there is a pub crawl treasure hunt, which will combine the Hidden York and it’s popular inns and taverns.

Gothic Cathedral

York Minster, Britain’s largest gothic church has stood for over 800 years and plays host to visitors from all over the world. At a little more than a tenner per head, it’s well worth the outlay to gain access to the inside of the cathedral and all its magnificence, even if you define yourself as ‘non religious’. This architectural marvel took an astonishing 250 years to complete, it’s genuine, majestic medieval stained glass windows overlook the rows of pews and statues that adorn this phenomenal Cathedral it really is a sight to behold. With assistance of the basement museum, you can explore the deepest reaches of the church on a guided or self guided tour and lean the history of the site that stretches back to the Roman times pre dating the Cathedral itself.

York Museums

With all it’s history, it’s hardly surprising that York has a few museums, each telling a different story. For those of you that want to see it’s Viking past, there is the Jorvik Viking Centre, featuring authentically dressed ‘live’ characters and animatronics showing how life was lived, and local archaeological finds to give you that real sense of immersion.

The York museum goes further back to the time of the dinosaurs through the prehistoric peoples of the Ice Age and through the Roman times and beyond. It’s importance as a central ’hub’ is recognised and celebtated here as, York was very much the ‘capital of the north’. York Museum also has an extensive award winning botanical garden, which are set among listed buildings and important monuments. In summer take advantage of its beauty and take in some summer sun and have a picnic with the girls to untangle those hangover blues.

York castle is another attraction well worthy of a visit. A magnificent building that was the heart of York, built by William the Conqueror of 1066 fame, has served as a centre of law and order for over 1000 years, with famous prisoners such as the legendary Dick Turpin being incarcerated there. Step back in time and discover how life was like for the people of the city through the ages.

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