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Maid of Honour

What do you actually need to do?

Maid of Honour

The maid of honour is sometimes referred to as “chief bridesmaid” or the “matron of honour” (if she is already married). The maid of honour is basically the most trustworthy person for the bride, the greatest confidant and right hand. She is the one that has always been there when the bride need her, knows her better than anyone and has always been by her side. Being a maid of honour is truly a big recognition, and it comes with a huge responsibility. Here are some of the duties that the maid of honour must assume before and during the bid day!

Lead the bridesmaids

Originally, bridesmaids dressed similarly to the bride to confuse ex-boyfriends or evil spirits –yes, we now get that ancient joke–. In the Roman Empire, the bridesmaids had to accompany a bride if she had to travel the city or town where the boyfriend lived, practically as decoy to kept the bride safe from attacks by thieves or kidnappers. The bridesmaids are the girls the fiancee trust unconditionally, they can be great friends and/or relatives, such as sisters, cousins, nieces... In short, they are the most important girl group in the wedding, and the maid of honour is basically their leader. The maid of honour needs to make sure that the bridesmaids know what time they need to arrive, where everyone is getting ready and if there’s anything they need to bring.

Organise the hen do

The Hen do. This is one of the most important duties of any maid of honour. The maid of honour must be ready to pitch ideas, and arrange all the details of this pre-wedding celebration; such as selecting the location, inviting the bride's best friends, and of course, organise the activities of the weekend. It is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of time to get ready for this celebration. We advise to organise it two or three months before the wedding!

Help with the wedding planning

Before the wedding, a maid of honour should help the bride in all aspects of the wedding she needs, such as accompany the bride in the search for the perfect dress, choosing the bouquet, helping with the invitations, choosing the music playlist, making calls to confirm guest attendance… It is a lot of work, and she needs to have the support of the bridesmaids throughout the course of the planning.

Give a speech

Along with the groom's best man, the maid of honour is normally asked to give a speech at the reception (although recently this custom has been left to the lads!). The speech is a recount of some of the best moments that the maid of honour has been through with the bride, and also a meaningful account of their friendship. It is supposed to be cute, sincere, and funny. Get ready for it!

If you were selected as a maid of honor, remember to always have a smile in your face, and good disposition to help with the preparation of the wedding. You are an essential part of the wedding, and the bride trust in you for such an important task!

Julio Alfonzo

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