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Stag Do Norwich

Superb City for a stag do

Stag Do Norwich

Stag Do Norwich

My best man, Dave, was really pushing me to have my Stag do in London, but I hate London, I went there once and there were too many people moving too fast and I vowed I would never go back because the big smoke wasn’t the city for me. I really wanted to have my Stag do in the Cross Keys at home in Dilham, but Dave said that we should have a proper lads weekend away, so we compromised and settled on having my stag do Norwich style! It had bars and nightclubs and it attracts a good number of tourists and it has the benefit of being only half an hour away from Dilham, because I’m not really the travelling sort. Still, once we had booked it I was quite excited about my Norwich Stag , because I don’t leave my home town very often so I was quite keen on seeing what life is like in a big tourist town for a couple of days.

Dave had booked my weekend through a company called the Stag and Hen Experience and they had loads of stag do ideas Norwich for us to choose from. Starting with a fantastic selection of stag hotels and a variety of other types of stag party accommodation, then after going through some stag activities Norwich we had finally made our selections and made a booking. They had sent us all an online itinerary so we knew where we were staying and what activities we had and when and where we had to meet for them, which I though was really useful. We were booked into the Norwich Travelodge, and when we got there I was very impressed with it. The rooms were really big and really clean, they had a nice bar which was pretty reasonably priced and the staff seemed really friendly and helpful. This was going to be a nice comfortable base for my Stag do Norwich.

We took a stroll along the seafront to get a feel for the place and because it was a nice day in July it was really busy. We watched a lady win some money at a card game where you had to find the Queen amongst three cards which were facedown. It seemed really easy when the lady played, but somehow I managed to lose £60 before Dave dragged me away. He said I’d been mugged, but I’ve always been a bit of a gambler. I was going to have to be a bit more careful with my money on my Stag weekend in Norwich.

For the Friday night of my Stag weekend in Norwich, Dave had booked the Bar Crawl Babes, who turned out to be two lovely young ladies to escort the nine of us on a pub crawl. They were dressed in what they said were Bavarian Barmaid costumes, but I didn’t really care what they were called they looked great with the low cut tops! They were really helpful getting the drinks for us and looking after our money and it was nice to have some female company on the night out. They took us to a few pubs and then we went on to a nightclub to finish off the evening. Dave was very taken with one of the girls, Chloe and spent all night talking to her. He said that she gave him her phone number and he was going to call her the next day to see if she wanted to come out for the Saturday night of my Stag weekend in Norwich. The nightclub was amazing, it was full of people and we stayed out until it closed at 3am. You don’t get that at the Cross Keys in Dilham and I was so glad that Dave had talked me into having my Stag weekend in Norwich!

The next morning I felt awful as I’m really not used to drinking as much as we did. I think it was the free shots that Chloe and her friend were getting us the night before. None of the others seemed too cheerful, apart from Dave who was going on about “Chloe this and Chloe that”. The buffet cooked breakfast was exactly what we needed and that seemed to sort everyone out, apart from Dave who was still banging on about Chloe. We managed to talk him out of calling her at 9am and instead we were picked up by a minibus to go Clay pigeon shooting for the Saturday activity of my Stag weekend in Yarmouth. Clay pigeon shooting was about twenty minutes’ drive away and we had a good laugh and banter in the van on the way there. As it turns out I’m useless at Clay pigeon shooting and didn’t manage to get close to hitting a thing, but it was still a good laugh although my should hurt afterwards from the recoil, but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself and I thought it was a really good activity for my Stag weekend in Norwich.

When we got back to the hotel, Dave quickly disappeared to call Chloe, but he came back a few minutes later looking forlorn. Apparently Chloe had given him her ex boyfriends number instead and he hadn’t been too pleased to hear from Dave. Apparently she does it to him a lot. This gave us probably the best laugh of my Stag weekend in Norwich and I’m pretty sure I’m never going to let Dave forget it.

For the Saturday night of my Stag weekend in Norwich we were booked into a Gentleman’s club for the evening, but first of all we retraced our steps from the night before and had a few drinks in the pubs we’d visited before heading off to the Gentleman’s club. We had a brilliant night here, the girls were really hot and they all seemed really happy to talk to us, although I noticed their drinks seemed really expensive compared to ours. We all got plenty of dances but Dave went a bit crazy! He thought I’d been mugged by the guy with the three cards, but that’s nothing compared to how much money those girls separated him from. He maxed out his debit card and was putting lots of dances through on his credit card and I was pretty sure he was going to have a lot of explaining to do to his wife when he got home! Still, he did a brilliant job on booking my Stag do Norwich and I had such an amazing time that I might even leave Dilham again, someday!

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