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Stag weekend survival kit

Essential things to take

Stag weekend survival kit

Stag weekend survival kit

As a general rule, a Stag weekend will often involve a night out on the town or two. These nights can often be quite legendary, however, an unfortunate side effect of a huge night on the lash can often be waking up with no idea, where you are, how you got there, where everyone else is and where the nearest glass of water is! Here at the Stag and Hen Experience, we have designed for you a Stag weekend survival kit to help return you to your pals, ready to face the day.

The first item in our Stag do survival kit is the stash of emergency money. This can be either as cash or a prepaid card and we recommend at least £50 to get you a taxi back to where you need to go and maybe pick up a spot of breakfast and a ‘hair of the dog’ pint along the way.

A map is an invaluable item for the Stag do survival kit. Mobile phone batteries die when they haven’t been recharged for a while, so a small map of the location with your hotel clearly marked on it can be an absolute life saver when you’ve no idea where you are, particularly if you are on a Stag weekend abroad and you don’t speak the language. You can’t always rely on digital technology so having a map in your Stag do survival kit is a must do, an alternative is to pick up a business card from the hotel reception, they also have the address on so you can show the taxi driver. This is particularly useful when you’re in a country that uses a different alphabet!

A common reason for getting separated from the lads and finding yourself miles from base camp on a Stag weekend is if you have met and charmed a lovely lady and retired to her boudoir for the night. For this reason condoms are an essential part of the Stag do survival kit to prevent picking up any interesting infections or fathering any unwanted children. “always wear a raincoat” so the saying goes!

The next addition to our Stag do survival kit is one of the most important, Paracetamol. It is more than likely that on a Stag do weekend, at some point you are going to be waking up with a head splitting hangover. Having a couple of strong paracetamols handy when you come to will definitely ease the pain of the morning and help smooth you into the new day, ready to do it all over again in round 2.

The chances are that when you wake up your mouth after your night out on the town, your mouth is going to taste and smell like something died in it. For this reason mouthwash is an ideal addition to your Stag do survival kit, both for you and any lucky lady you picked up the previous night. Don’t worry about lugging about huge bottles, mouthwash is available in handy sized 15ml sachets and a couple of these should be more than enough to bring your halitosis breath back to minty freshness in no time at all.

Wet wipes are an essential item for any Stag do survival kit. They don’t take up a lot of room but can be utterly invaluable, functioning as an improvised shower, emergency toilet paper and general cleaning equipment and for this reason we would always advise wet wipes as an addition to any Stag do survival kit.

Including the business card of a local Taxi firm in your Stag do survival kit can be a very handy idea. They don’t take up much space and can be really useful if your phone has run out of battery and you aren’t able to consult the internet. So long as you actually know where you are going back to, the having the phone number of a local taxi firm on hand should ensure that you get there, you might have to borrow someone’s phone first!

A pair of cheap Plastic Sunglasses can be an extremely useful addition to your Stag do survival kit, particularly if you are in a sunny destination for your Stag weekend, however saying that, a pair of cheap sunglasses can be essential for protecting your eyes from the bright light even on a grey February morning in Yorkshire if the previous night was epic enough. Cheap sunglasses are very useful because not only do they protect your eyes from bright light, they can also protect your wallet so you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking those £200 pair of Ray Bans of yours.

Berocca is always a good choice for your Stag do survival kit. These tablets are chock full of essential vitamins and minerals and are exactly what you need to replenish and revitalise yourself after a heavy night on the town. Make sure you stash a couple of these in your Stag do survival kit and you’ll be sure to kick that hangover into touch in no time flat, also pack a bottle or two of water!

We’re all into our belt and braces here at the Stag and Hen Experience, so after you’ve washed down your paracetamol with a your glass of berocca and given yourself a good swill of mouthwash, it’s time for the next step in your hangover curing which is the hair of the dog. Don’t forget to include a miniature of your choice in your Stag do survival kit and once you’ve got that down your neck you will be feeling right as rain and ready for whatever shenanigans the day might hold.

There you have it, your ingredients for a Stag do survival kit. Whatever kind of state you wake up in and wherever you wake up, you will soon be able to get yourself fighting fit and back to the lads with these few simple items stashed about your person. You can thank us later. As always please stay safe and drink responsibly

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