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The Ten Commandments of a great Hen Weekend

Rules to live by...

The Ten Commandments of a great Hen Weekend

1) The Hen shalt not put her hand in her purse

It's the Hen's big weekend. So that means that she shouldn't be paying for anything. Make sure she's always being taken care of and always has a drink!

2) Thou shalt ask before sharing photos online

Pretty obvious this one - if you've taken a funny photo of one of the other girls, do check before you upload it to facebook / twitter / instagram etc, She may not want her friends / family / other half to see what she's up to, so it's always polite to ask first. (Same applies to statuses as well)

3) Thou shalt leave your arguments at home

Hen Weekends can often bring together several different groups of people, some of whom you may not know, some of whom you may not like. This is not the time to argue or get annoyed with people. Smile, nod and drink your way through the weekend - the Hen wants you all together, so help make her happy.

4) Be Prepared

Bring a spare pare of pumps in your bag. Make sure that you've got everyone's phone number. Empty your handbag of things you won't need. Spending ten minutes sorting yourself out before you leave will make the weekend even more fun!

5) Share and Share Alike

There are certain things that should automatically become communal when you're away with the girls. Painkillers, Berocca, Energy Drinks, Hair Straighteners, Hairdryers, Makeup. Don't be stingy!

6) Thou shalt ensure at least two people know what is going on

Before going on the Hen Weekend, establish who the two most competent people are. Make sure that each of them has a copy of the itinerary, so that if you are travelling to different activities, bars etc, if the group gets split up everyone will still know where they are going!

7) Thou shalt try something new

Whether the new thing is an activity, a cocktail, a risky nibble (obviously I mean a nibble of food, not the nearby cocktail waiter's ear!) or something else, embrace the unknown!

8) Thou shalt not spend all weekend on your phone

Turn off your notifications. Put the phone on silent. Unless you are taking photos or using it to find other members of the party, your phone should be a no-go zone for the weekend! Don't worry if you've left a boyfriend/fiance/husband at home - he can look after himself for two days! (Or if he can't, he can at least manage to order enough pizza for two days)

9) What happens on a Hen Weekend stays on a Hen Weekend

This one is obvious. Whether it's the healthiest person you know stuffing her face with a kebab at two in the morning, an ex-smoker enjoying a cheeky fag or one of your single friends getting up close and personal with the stripper, none of it should ever be mentioned again. (Except when no-one else is around and you are reminiscing)

10) The Hen is always right.

If she says it's time to go back to the hotel, it's time to go back to the hotel. If she says it's time for shots, it's time for shots. If she says she wants a photograph wearing the hat currently on the head of the gentleman at the bar, its your job to get it for her. It's her weekend, she should be enjoying herself all the time.

Follow these commandments, and you'll have an amazing time!