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Things to do to the Stag

When a couple of pints won't cut it!

Things to do to the Stag

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Things to do to a Stag

We all know that a large part of the appeal of a stag do is the embarrassment of the main man himself, the stag. You want him to have a good time, but you want him to also have a memorable time, and often this will be the last chance you have to make him do amazingly stupid things – so why wouldn’t you do them?

Just a quick note before we go any further – we at the Stag and Hen Experience obviously recommend a little bit of caution and common sense when planning any pranks or embarrassing rituals. Please ensure that whatever you are doing is safe and legal (in whichever country the stag do is taking place!).

With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the best things to do to a stag

Dress him up

This one is a classic, and for good reason. Costumes are a great part of a stag weekend, and it’s even funnier if the stag himself is dressed up as something different to the rest of you. Common examples of this are all of you dressing as English country gentlemen and dressing the stag as a fox, or all of you as Ghostbusters and the stag as Slimer (Mankini and green body paint should do it).

The only thing to remember is that a lot of nightspots won’t let you in while you are in fancy dress – so it’s probably best to have a big night out (with club entry etc) on a different night to the costumes!

Challenge him

Challenges and Bets are a right of passage throughout life. So where better to include them than on a stag weekend? Set some rules for the stag (making sure you know whether anything is completely out of bounds), and then allow each member of the party to challenge him up to three times in the evening. These can be drinking challenges, arm wrestles, challenges to get someone’s phone number or anything else you can think of!

I would recommend that you give the stag a few “Veto” cards (depending on how many of you there are and how mean you want to be) – just so that he is not forced into doing something he absolutely would not do. Remember, he’s supposed to be having fun too!

Tie him to a lamp post.

This is an easy one. Get some rope / string / clingfilm and attach the stag to a lamppost. Bonus points for doing it in costume or in a particularly public place.

Break a Leg

Just to clarify, we don’t mean actually breaking anyone’s leg! That would be horrendous and probably involve a lot of waiting around in a hospital waiting room. However, a great prank is to create a fake cast around the stag’s leg while he is asleep or passed out (paper mache is great for this) - and make sure you are filming when you wake him up and he sees it and panics!

Another good alternative to this prank is the fake tattoo – get the most embarrassing temporary tattoo and place it where he cannot reach it while he is asleep (so that he can’t try to rub it off), and tell him that he got it the night before.

That’s just a few of our ideas for things you can do to the stag – why not let us know yours? You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – let us know what you’ve done (or plan to do) to a stag.