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Top Hen Weekend Activities for 2021

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Top Hen Weekend Activities for 2021

Top Five Cheap Hen Weekend Activities for 2021

There tend to be several factors involved when trying to choose the best hen weekend activities for your group, and an overwhelming one can often be cost. While there are hundreds of things you can do, more often than not you’ll get to a point where you are thinking ‘We could add something else popular to do, as long as it doesn’t push the price up too much’. Well the good news is that some of the most hen weekend activities cost less than you think!

It’s tough to put a price on anything without having the rest of the package surrounding it (as they quite often depend on numbers, what else you are doing etc.) but the average cost to add one of these activities onto your weekend tends to be anywhere between the £15-£25 mark, so it’s not a lot more money and will add some excellent extra value to your Hen Weekend, so why wouldn’t you add them on?

Have a look at our Top Five Cheap Hen Weekend Activities below, and I can guarantee that there will be at least one that takes your fancy!

Dance Class

One of the most popular hen weekend activities regardless of where you go, what else you do and how long you are doing it for, the Dance Class is an absolute hoot regardless of which type of dance you pick, and trust me, there are plenty to pick from! If you want to learn a routine that you can amaze the crowd at the wedding with, then the Abba or the Street Dance sessions are always popular, or if you’d prefer to learn some moves you’d like to show off in private, then the Burlesque class is definitely the one for you.

Cocktail Making and Dinner

What says ‘Hen Weekend’ more than cocktails? Not a lot – but the act of actually making the cocktails makes it even more fun than just drinking them. (Don’t worry though, you will get to drink the ones that you make as well!). You’ll get to spend time behind the bar being taught all the tricks of the trade – measuring the drinks, shaking the drinks, throwing things around and hoping that you don’t spill anything, before serving them up perfectly for you and the girls to enjoy.

And as well as mixing your margaritas, slamming together your screwdrivers and creating your cosmopolitans, you’ll also get the chance to play some games and drink a few shots before moving on to a tasty dinner in the same venue – so it’s a perfect activity for the late afternoon, as once you’ve made your cocktails and had your dinner then it’s time for you to head out on the town and make a proper night of it!

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms may be one of our newer activities, but they have quickly become one of our most popular for a couple of reasons. The first is that they are inexpensive (as you can tell from their inclusion in this list), and are something easy to add on to a hen weekend as they are available in most UK destinations. The second is that they tend to be different in every location – which makes them an activity that you can do on multiple different hen weekends and have a different experience every time!

For those of you who don’t know what an Escape Room is, they are basically like a tiny version of the Crystal Maze. You are locked in a room where there is a situation going on that needs solving (as stated above, these vary wildly, though I’ve personally seen situations that range from preventing a nuclear explosion through to a Sherlock Holmes themed 18 th century murder scene), and you and the group must solve the problem before the time limit runs out. The rooms tend to have multiple puzzles that need solving through a variety of means, so whether your strengths lie in maths, logic, physical strength or any other area, you’ll almost definitely be an essential part of the team to get it resolved.

Nude Life Drawing

This is one of those activities that often puts people off just from the name – people who are concerned about their artistic skills and worried that they’ll end up looking like a fool in front of their friends. But this is one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon that you can think of. You’ll all relax and try to sketch one of the most pleasurable forms to look at – a naked man. You’ll get assistance and advice from the session leader, and no matter what your artistic background is (or isn’t), you will very much enjoy the challenge and the reward of putting pencil to paper and creating your own wonderful masterpiece.

Club Booth with Drinks

Most hen weekends tend do have at least one (if not more) nights where the aim at the end of the day is to visit a great selection of pubs and bars, and then find yourself in a club. And while this is always achievable, it’s important to remember that if you want an absolutely brilliant club experience, it’s worth paying the small amount to pre-book a booth with some drinks. This will mean you have guaranteed entry, a guaranteed seat in a busy club, and you know that some drinks will be coming straight to your table – it’s a plan with absolutely no drawbacks!

So, if you are planning a 2021 Hen Weekend, then bear in mind these cheap activities are perfect additions to any destination. You can add them to any day and pretty much any time, so you’ll be able to supplement any tailor made hen party with these perfect activities – and they are absolutely worth adding, because the entertainment to cost ratio is so great, that you’d be a fool not to consider them

To get a specific price to add one of these to an existing hen weekend package, or to create a package with one or more of these included, just give us a call on 01202 566100or via email [email protected] we’ll get your perfect hen weekend planned for you.