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About Malta

Why choose a Malta Stag Do?

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking “there are loads of places I could go for a stag do, why on earth would I pick Malta?” Well, the first answer to that question is probably that none of the lads are likely to have been on a Malta Stag Do before, and therefore it’ll be somewhere new for all of you to go. But if you want more reasons to pick it, the good news is that there are plenty!

For starters, the average summer temperatures get up to a whopping 32°C, so you’ll be enjoying plenty of sunshine and weather that you are unlikely to get in England! The long days and warm nights will give you plenty of time to do everything you want to do in this amazing stag do destination – so whether you want to explore, or prefer to focus on planned activities and large amounts of drinking (or mixing it up with some combination of the two), this historical yet very popular island is a perfect place for you and the lads to celebrate the stag’s last weekend of freedom.

Getting There and Getting Around

Getting flights to Malta is easier than you may think. There are multiple airlines that offer tickets from a range of airports across the UK, and these can be as cheap as £20 (depending on times, dates, and details), meaning that depending on where you are coming from and how close the airport is, it may be cheaper to travel to Malta than to travel to a UK stag do destination! Once you arrive, we can obviously get some airport transfers in place for you, making sure that you get to your accommodation destination with the minimum of fuss.

Once you are in Malta, the good news is that getting around is both cheap and easy. Their bus service is excellent and only costs a few euros for tickets so wherever it is you are trying to get to, you won’t have any problems. Combining this with the fact that lots of activities, bars and accommodation options are pretty close to each other means that you won’t spend hours commuting between different sections of your Malta Stag Do, which is definitely a cause for celebration.

Things to Do

There are so many things to do in Malta on your Stag Weekend that it is ridiculous. No matter what kind of group you are and what sort of things you enjoy to keep you entertained, you’ll have no problems whatsoever when it comes to organising your Malta Stag Do activities – except that you may have trouble choosing between them all!

For those of you who enjoy different shooting activities, Malta can offer Archery, Paintball, Fixed Target Shooting and Laser Tag, which all have their own appeal. If you want to shoot AT each other, then I would recommend choosing either Laser Tag (if you don’t want it to hurt) or Paintball (if you are happy that it may hurt just a little bit!) The fixed target shooting gives you the chance to handle firearms you’d never get to touch in the UK, and also introduces the competitive element to see who among you is the best and most accurate shot!

If you fancy exploring the island but in a particularly energetic way, then I highly recommend the Rock Climbing activity, which gives you the chance to experience various styles of climbing in some of the most beautiful areas of Malta. Alternatively, if you still want the views but the action of climbing seems a bit too energetic for you, then why not try throwing yourself off a cliff (safely), or abseiling as it is known?

For those of you planning a more relaxed Malta Stag Do, then there are a few activities that spring to mind – the Boat trip is hugely popular, giving you an entire day to explore the islands of Malta with drinks, relaxation and a good laugh, or if you want a land-based tour, why not try the Segway ride? Once you get used to manoeuvring them, it’s a laugh!

But the crown jewel in the Malta Stag Do crown is the Rage Room. There’s nothing more fun than smashing things to de-stress, so in order to offer this, you can hire a Rage Room where you can pick your weapon of choice (hammer, wrench, etc) and spend an hour going at everything in the room and absolutely demolishing it. Trust me, it’s the most cathartic thing you’ll ever do, and it’s a huge amount of fun as well!


No Stag Do would be worth its salt it if it didn’t give you plenty of night out options. Luckily, Malta is not short of things to do in the evenings. The nightlife is amazing, and there are plenty of bars and places for you to have a drink or five throughout the evening. Traditionally the best area to visit is the St Julian’s / Paceville area, which is known worldwide as somewhere to have an incredibly good night out. If you want to be shown around by a local then we do recommend booking a guided bar crawl so that you can enjoy at least five of Malta’s most popular nightspots in succession.

There are plenty of other bookable nightlife options as well, so if you want to jam out on a party bus, gamble the night away at a casino or just book nightclub entry with drinks and a table included, then just ask and we can tailor your quote to suit exactly what you are after.

All sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? We think so. In fact, we are predicting that Malta Stag Dos are going to explode in popularity pretty soon, so you might want to get in touch before that happens to ensure that we can get your perfect Malta Stag Do weekend arranged before things get all booked up! Just give us a call or pop us a message, and we’ll happily go through all the details with you to get the best possible Malta Stag Do arranged for you and the lads.

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