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About Split

Why should I choose a Split Stag Do?

Split is a city with a subtropical climate and an atmosphere to match. Slap on your shorts and head to this Croatian paradise! Located on a peninsula, Split is surrounded by beautiful sea and is a perfect destination for your European stag do. One of the fastest growing stag do destinations in the last couple of years, Split is getting more popular every year, so it should definitely be high on your list of possible destinations.

And why wouldn’t it be? Flights are easily available from major UK airports, and this coastal city provides you with all of the sun, sea and sand you could possibly want. In short, a Split Stag Do is a perfect pick, providing you with beautiful weather, amazing activities and a destination whose atmosphere is out of this world.

Getting There

Getting to your Split Stag Do is easier than you may imagine. For a destination that very few people have heard of, it’s surprising how many of the UK’s airports offer direct flights to this wonderland. Once you’ve arrived and have been hit in the face by the sheer beauty of the city, you’ll find it’s very easy to get from the airport to your accommodation. Whether you choose to do so by public transport or by private, you should find yourself checking in and enjoying a drink around thirty minutes after you step out of the airport, which is pretty good going for any weekend away.

Where to Stay?

The most popular types of accommodation that a Split Stag Do has to choose from tend to be popular, well-located hotels. The luxuriousness changes from hotel to hotel of course, so you can prioritise whether you want somewhere that is the best value for money, or somewhere that gives you the most luxury experience, or whatever mid-point between those poles is perfect for you.

Popular activities

If you are wondering what the most popular Split Stag Do activities are, then wonder no more. One of the top answers is the Segways – as these are entertaining for a variety of reasons. The first is that it’s a great way to explore the city, assuming that you are someone who is able to keep your balance. The second way that the Segways are entertaining is that someone will inevitably fall off one at some point, and someone slowly falling off a Segway is one of the funniest things you have ever seen.

Another popular activity (though not one for the faint hearted) is to take part in some White Water Rafting. Yes, that’s right, you and the lads will all pile onto some inflatable rafts and tackle some genuine rapids to see if you are able to navigate them successfully, or to see if you’ll all end up soaking wet and washed up on the shore.

While the previous activities are popular, for some groups the advantage of a Split Stag Do is that it can be one of complete relaxation. The beautiful weather and the relaxing atmosphere can make it a perfect place for you to just relax, shake off the hangover from the night before and soak up some sun. If that’s what you’d enjoy, then there is no better activity than our most popular Split entertainment – a Boat Charter. You and the lads on an exclusive cruise as you relax on the ocean waves with drinks and nibbles and enjoy the beauty of the Croatian coastline.


The nightlife on offer on a Split Stag Do is absolutely first class. There are so many great bars and other venues to explore that you may find that you need an extra evening out just to explore all the ones that are appealing to you. Many groups book the bar crawl as a great way to learn about the area and get a few extra drinks in. You’ll be shown around by a very friendly, English-speaking local who knows exactly where to take you for the best drinks, the best prices and the best times.

After visiting several of the cities most outstanding bars, you may decide it’s time to head out somewhere that you can dance and enjoy some music. With that in mind, nightclubs in Split are plentiful and varied, with all the different types of music that you can think of being represented in some fashion or other within the available nightlife.

Once you’ve danced and drunk as much as you want in the nightclub, why not take a traditional route for the end of your Split Stag Do night and pop over to one of the popular Gentlemen’s clubs? This will give you the chance to enjoy a drink or two while watching some absolutely gorgeous dancers entertain you in every sense of the word.

So there you have it – a Split Stag Do is looking pretty good to you right now, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t it? It’s got the beautiful weather, the amazing scenery, all of the activities you could possibly dream of and nightlife that is absolutely outstanding. Lets be honest, very few people you know have ever been on a Split Stag Do, so why not break that streak and find yourself and the lads sunning it up in one of the most unique destinations you are ever likely to find yourselves?

If you are interested in it, why not give us a call? We are specialists in ensuring that your tailor made quote provides everything you want, so we’ll make sure that your Split Stag Do looks absolutely perfect before you get it booked.

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