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About Wroclaw

Why should I choose a Wroclaw Stag Do?

Wroclaw is one of the biggest cities in Poland, and an up and coming destination for Eastern European Stag Dos. A Wroclaw Stag Do is notable for many reasons. Firstly, this city itself is an exciting Stag Do location that is still increasing in popularity, so you may not have been there yet, but once you’ve been for the first time you’ll be singing it’s praises to anyone else planning a weekend away.

Secondly, a Wroclaw Stag Do is great value for money. The packages are well priced, the flights can be super cheap, and a beer in a bar can cost as little as £1.50 (or thereabouts). It also boasts a great selection of activities and some amazing nightlife. In short, Wroclaw is a great option when it comes to planning that perfect stag weekend.

Where to Stay?

As with many of our other Polish destinations, the accommodation will amaze you with the combination of quality and great price that you’ll encounter when you plan a Wroclaw Stag Do. There are a great selection of accommodation options available throughout the city, which is designed to make sure you have accommodation that is perfectly suited for your group.

For many groups, the central apartments are key. These sleep at least four of you per apartment and give you more than just a bedroom – they are fully equipped apartments with kitchens, lounges and more – meaning that they work brilliantly as somewhere you can relax between your booked activities. Other groups are looking to live the life of riley and choose to stay in some of the cities poshest hotels, making sure that they take full advantage of all the facilities provided.

Getting there and Getting around

It is easy to get to this city with flights available from many major UK airports, meaning that a Wroclaw Stag Do is not a problem to arrange logistically either. In fact, the flights can be as cheap as under £10 (depending on when you travel), so the great value for money starts right at the beginning of the weekend.

Once you are in Wroclaw, you will find that getting around could not be easier. There are trams, buses, ferries and trains that all run regularly and will let you get wherever you need to be with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of ease.

Popular activities

As far as the activity options for your Wroclaw Stag Do, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a great selection available. Whilst traditional stag do activities like Go-Karting, Zorb Football and Five a side football are some of the more popular options in Wroclaw, they aren’t the most popular. The most popular tend to be activities that are only available on a handful of European Stag Dos – because after all, if you are travelling to a different country, you may as well take advantage of the unique activities available.

The most popular of these activities is the Firearms shooting package. This is incredibly popular as not only does it showcase firearms that you’d never be able to fire in the UK, but it means you’ll be able to definitively settle who is the best shot out of all of you, which means you’ll know who to pick up first in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

Other popular options for any Wroclaw Stag Do include the water-based sports – White Water Rafting and Wakeboarding are great fun, but the runaway king of activities in this area is the Flyboarding – strap yourself to a snowboard-sized surfboard and fly above the water thanks to the powerful jets of water that spray from the bottom of it – it's an experience you’ll never forget.


Once you’ve dried off from all of that excitement, you’ll probably want a night out – and Wroclaw won’t disappoint you. With a friendly atmosphere and a great selection of nightspots, Wroclaw will provide you with whatever you want on a night out.

For many groups, the ideal way to see a city on their first night out tends to be to arrange one of the ever-popular guided bar crawls. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, involving a selection of bars, free (and cheap) drinks, and (most importantly) an English-speaking local guide who knows exactly where to go to have the best time on a Wroclaw Stag Do.

There are other, more extravagant activities to arrange for your night out in Wroclaw as well. There is both a Party Tram and a Party Boat – so if you want to be drinking and dancing while taking in some sights, these may both appeal. But regardless of where you spend the first part of the evening drinking (and believe me there are plenty of options), once you get into the second half of the night out is when you are truly spoilt for choice.

Wroclaw offers a great variety of nightclubs for your stag do to visit and experience, all of which will encourage you to drink and dance through until the early morning. There are also a great selection of gentlemen’s clubs, as well as casinos and other late night options available – so whatever would be the perfect end to a night out on your Wroclaw Stag Do, the option is available to you.

In short, a Wroclaw stag do sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Why not get in touch with us and let us know exactly what you want included in yours, and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote that ensures you’ll have the time of your life in this Polish paradise.

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