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Stag Do Weekends in Zagreb

About Zagreb

Zagreb. Literally the last entry in the A-Z of Stag Weekend destinations, but just because it’s at the end of the alphabet doesn’t mean it should be last on your list. In fact, Zagreb is a quickly growing destination amongst stag parties, with the beautiful scenery and cheap beer just part of the Croatian capital’s appeal.

With flights easily available from a lot of major UK airports, Zagreb is climbing up the “I’ve never been but I’d like to go” chart of stag locations – if you are looking for somewhere different for a stag weekend, it definitely fits the bill.

For accommodation there are a wide variety of options. While hotels are always available, other options like apartments are also a possibility, giving you the advantage of communal space to relax in when you are trying to shift the hangover. Regardless of whatever your budget level is or what you want from your accommodation, Zagreb is easily able to provide centrally located, great quality places to stay.

And then you have the activities. Like many Eastern European Stag Do Destinations, a hugely popular option is the firearms package, allowing you to lock and load and fire guns that you’d never be able to get your hands on in the UK. Other popular options include the wakeboarding and White Water Rafting activities, and, of course, there is the opportunity to give the stag a tremendous thrill by “volunteering” him for a tandem sky dive.

With beer averaging at about £1.50 a pint, you know that a night out in Zagreb isn’t going to break the bank, but with the local atmosphere being as vibrant and friendly as it is, you won’t be getting an early night either! There’s a great selection of bars and clubs that will keep you out and drinking right through until the next day.

So with all this on offer for a Zagreb Stag Do Weekend, I guess the only question you need to ask is “When do we go?”

What Can You Do In Zagreb?