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Bourne Ultimatum

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The Details

2 Nights Central Accommodation 2 Hours Pool Private Poker Tournament Battle Archery Assault Rifles Gents Club All Weekend Nightlife

Bournemouth is a great town for a lads weekend away, and that very much includes stag dos! Bournemouth has everything, beaches, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, gents clubs alongside a huge choice of activities in and around the area, it really has got the lot. Being a student town means that the nightlife is second to none, it was said at one time it had more bars and clubs per square mile than Soho London, no easy feat. Bournemouth is a very compact town so it’s incredibly easy to get from one place to the other and the famous beach is never far away. Bournemouth also represents great value for money so you can party the nights away without draining your bank balance.

The Bourne Ultimatum Bournemouth stag do package, named after the Jason Bourne films, features some of the most popular Bournemouth stag do activities as well as taking advantage of it’s fantastic nightlife. The package includes two nights stay at a central hotel which is within walking distance to the towns cafes, restaurants and bars, which is perfect for hungry hangover stags to grab a greasy spoon breakfast at the nearby ‘spoons or one of the many independent cafes nearby. After checking in and getting ready for Friday night it’s time to head out and enjoy 2 hours pool at the nearby pool hall, so whether you’re planning to hold a tournament or a game of ‘killer’ it’ll no doubt get competitive on your Bournemouth stag do. The pool bar is fully licenced and also has the sports showing so you won’t miss Fridays game. Afterwards it’s time to head to your next venue for a curry followed by a game of Poker where our poker guides will meet you with cards and chips and set up and deal your game, they’ll also help the newbies if needed. The venue will be licensed so you won’t go thirsty!

The Friday night doesn’t end there (unless it needs to!) as you’ll have guest list entry into one of the best Bournemouth stag do friendly nightclubs waiting for you if you’ve got the stamina! The nightclub is one of Bournemouth’s biggest and includes queue jump and free entry, perfect for groups of lads worried that they won’t be let in, but of course the venue does reserve the right of admission, so be on your best behaviour!

Saturday is as action packed as the first night but much more in line with the packages name! Start the day off with battle archery, a hilarious competitive Bournemouth stag do activity, where a specially designed ‘battlefield’ waits for you. Complete with obstacles in which to take cover and specially designed bows and arrows, think paintball, without the pain! A great activity to start the day. Afterwards its time to head to the range where our instructor will introduce you to Rimfire, The UK’s only legal firearm round. Using real guns that have been converted to fire the .22 round you’ll take aim with the help of our experienced instructor at a series of targets including one that explodes! This really is one of those unique stag do activities that you have to try.

Saturday evening is when you hit town again and explore some of our recommended stag friendly nightlife, but before you head into the nightclub, take a small detour to one of the leading gents clubs to enjoy some of the local ladies and end the last night of your Bournemouth stag do, dancing the night away with queue jump entry into a nightclub.

The Schedule

Silver Stag Hotel

Our silver standard stag hotels are perfect for Bournemouth stag dos. Central, convenient and more importantly great value accommodation that strike the perfect balance between value and facilities. Perfect for groups that are planning to enjoy the stag do in the town and not hang around in the hotel for the weekend! Our silver stag hotels book up fast, so to ensure that you are placed in the best possible venue, we recommend getting it booked as soon as possible.

American Pool

The great thing about Pool is that it's one of the few sports that everyone can look good at with minimal effort - plus you can drink while you play! Enjoy two hours of American Pool to start your weekend off before heading out on the town.

2 Course Indian Meal

After your session of pool you will go to a very popular restaurant for a sit down 2-Course Indian meal, you can choose either a starter and main or main and dessert. Great way to line your stomach and fuel the night.

Poker Tournament

Enjoy a slice of Las Vegas with a Poker Tournament for you and your group. Our Poker instructors will meet you at a licensed venue with all the equipment you need and deal for you. Newbies can also get some pointers.

VIP Nightclub Entry

Queue jump and free entry into one of Bournemouth's best stag friendly nightclubs. Skip the queues, wave to the cashier and get straight to the bar or dancefloor.

Battle Archery

Battle Archery is a highly competitive and hilarious activity for Bournemouth stag dos. A specially designed 'battlefield' offers cover and opportunity to engage the enemy, err I mean your mates to compete for bragging rights. Specially designed bows and arrows are the weapons' of choice so tool up and head out to see who will be victorious on the battlefield! You’re going to have a few war stories to tell after.

Assault Rifles

Test your skills with these genuine assault rifles, Converted to fall in line with UK regulations, these firearms unleash the largest caliber bullet allowed in the UK, the .22LR. Our instructors will show you the best (and safest) way to fire these rifles at a series of targets. There's even an exploding target if you're good enough!

Recommended Bars

Our list of stag friendly recommended bars has been put together to take all the stress and hassle out of getting in somewhere. Our tried and tested recommendations are the perfect introduction to Bournemouth's amazing nightlife. We'll even let them know to expect you.

VIP Gents Club

What stag do would feel complete if you didn't include a traditional gentlemen's club! VIP entry into one of the area’s top gentlemen’s clubs. Waitress service available and of course top quality ladies wearing well…….not a lot!

VIP Nightclub

Guest list entry to the most popular nightclub in Bournemouth. You and your group won't have to queue, as you'll get direct entry into the club - just quote your name and go straight in!

Wake up and check out of your accommodation.

Secure your Bournemouth stag do package for the whole guestlist for only £50!

All of our offers can be tailored to suit your stag group - so if you want any changes made to it, just get in touch! We’re here to design the best Bournemouth stag do for you and your group.

The Stag and Hen Experience has been creating the best stag dos since 2009, so, if you're looking to plan a Bournemouth stag do package get in touch on 01202 566100 or via this email address [email protected]and one of our expert stag do organisers will help you put together a fantastic stag do package for you and your group.

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