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Prison Experience Hen Do Weekends

The Details

Unique and suitable for hen dos looking for something very very different. This Hen Weekend activity is not for the feint hearted. Taking place in the Prison barracks of a deserted Russian Military base just outside Riga, Latvia. The prison experience is a must for anyone who's feeling adventurous. This experience is so realistic, even the the Prison officials were part of the set up when it was still a working prison so they certainly know what they're doing.

You'll go through all the experiences a prisoner would have experienced, like the search, the medical assessment you'll even get photographed for an official prisoner registration card, which you'll get sent after the event and finally the interrogation. Even the food is authentic and you'll dine in the prisoners mess hall. At night (yes you'll even spend the night there!) you can choose whether to be on lock down or free to wander the premises maybe supping some wine as you go, oh and by the way, if you so choose you can arrange a 3am wake up for some PT wearing gas masks!! What more can a girl want!!

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