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The Details

Amsterdam and canals go hand in hand, The many canals of Amsterdam are woven into the fabric of the cities culture and has played a key role in the cities growth for centuries. With this in mind it probably comes as no surprise that there a number of fantastic canal based stag do activities, and the series covered here focus on being on top of the water! All of these activities would make a great addition to your Amsterdam stag do package.

Canal Boat Cruise

Lets start with the chilled and serene canal boat cruise, a relaxing 90 minute cruise through some of the many canals of Amsterdam. You don't have to worry about making too much noise or the content of your stag do banter as you have the whole boat to yourselves as you tour the 'backstreets' of Amsterdam. With an experienced skipper on hand to answer any questions you have, you'll also get unlimited drinks throughout the cruise, that’s right, unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks to ensure your Amsterdam stag do group is well hydrated throughout the tour. If you want to add a little extra spice to your cruise, we can also include a gorgeous stripper that'll come on board and entertain you and your stag!

Canal Boat Bar Crawl

Find your sea legs gentlemen with this unique Amsterdam stag do activity. Combining a canal cruise and a bar crawl is sheer genius at play! Your Amsterdam stag do can enjoy an extended Canal boat cruise along with unlimited beer, wine and soft drink (as if!) throughout your time on the boat whilst cruising some of the many canals of Amsterdam. Stopping only to visit two of the best bars Amsterdam has to offer with a welcome drink in each included, it really adds a refreshing twist on the traditional cruise. Don't forget we can also include a stripper to come onboard to entertain you and the stag if you want to really enhance your experience.

Canal Boat BBQ Cruise

If you thought a Canal Boat Cruise sounded pretty epic, this next option really takes your Amsterdam stag do to the next level...yet again! Your 2 hour cruise sees you enjoying the best scenery the canal has to offer, all in the comfort of your own private boat, with unlimited wine and beer (I’m not even going to bother mentioning the soft drinks again!) touring some of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals but this time you don't just get a skipper to steer the boat you also get a private chef who’ll be on the tongs serving a fantastic selection of BBQ food with all the trimmings! Stripper can be added for extra scenery!

Canal Boat Pizza Cruise

A subtle alternative to the Canal boat BBQ cruise with all the unlimited drinks and sightseeing your Amsterdam stag do could possibly want, but instead of a private BBQ chef, you've got unlimited pizza on tap instead. Have I mentioned adding a stripper to your cruise?

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