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About Amsterdam

Why should I have an Amsterdam Stag Do?

Amsterdam has a well-earned reputation for being a city of two halves. When you think of Amsterdam during the daytime, you think of the charming city filled with beautiful tulips, picturesque windmills and quaint canals. When you think about Amsterdam in the evening, it's a very different story! After all, it is well known for being one of the most liberal cities in Europe. Given the strange dual identity of the city, Amsterdam offers a number of stag activities that aren't available at other locations. So whichever side of the city you favour (and frankly why not enjoy both?) an Amsterdam Stag Do is absolutely brilliant fun!

In fact, it tends to be one of our most popular European destinations for many reasons. The reputation of the city is one reason of course, but the fact that it is so easy to get to and comparatively close to the UK (when you compare it to other European destinations) means that it is perfect if you want to go abroad but you’ve only got a couple of days to travel, since the travel time is pretty short.

Where to Stay?

As a true tourist hotspot, Amsterdam offers all kinds of accommodation for all tastes and all budgets. Whether you're looking for the best service, the best value or the best of both worlds, an Amsterdam Stag do will be able to provide you with options that have you covered on both halves. Do you fancy staying in the centre of the city in one of the poshest hotels you’ve ever seen and hang the cost? No problem. If you prefer your accommodation to be more than just a bedroom, and you want some living space for you and the lads to relax between activities, why not try one of the many apartment options available?

The accommodation options don’t stop there. As it’s Amsterdam, there are other options – with guest houses, chain hotels and more available throughout the year. There’s even a Boatel (a hotel that is on a boat), if you fancy having some accommodation that is just a bit different! Whatever your preference, Amsterdam is packed with great places to sleep and to nurse your hangover between nights out.

Popular activities

Given its party reputation and huge tourist trade, an Amsterdam Stag Do offers a staggering variety of activities, which means that you won't be short of options when planning the best party of all time! As well as the more traditional stag weekend activities such as Paintball, Quad Biking and Zorb Football, there are a few things available exclusively in Amsterdam that you might want to consider. One of our most popular offerings is blow karting, where you get in a go-kart that is powered by the wind and zoom along a gorgeous white beach. Alternatively, you can traverse Amsterdam's famous canals (we advise visiting a few bars on the way as well) and enjoy the canal boat bar tour. One of this author's personal favourites is the Heineken brewery tour, which includes a few free brewery fresh pints throughout, and which I can't recommended highly enough!


With the activities out of the way, let's get down to the part you're all thinking about - the famous Amsterdam nightlife. There are a few things you can do in the evening in Amsterdam that you'll be hard pushed to do anywhere else, so you might as well make the most of them! After all, there is no other city in the world where you can visit the famous Banana Bar, an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life, I assure you!

An Amsterdam Stag Do can provide a perfect evening out no matter what your interests may be – you can spend an evening enjoying some erotic theatre, tour the infamous red light district or just relax in a suitable café or bar with the lads. In fact, Amsterdam contains more bars, clubs and gentlemen's clubs than you can possibly imagine – so many that you might want to take advantage of one of our guided bar tours to show you around and help make sure you’re not missing something that you’d absolutely love. We do promise that you'll never run out of spots to spend your evenings on an Amsterdam Stag Do, because there’s just too many to visit in one weekend.

Getting there and Getting around

We mentioned earlier about how easy it is to get to Amsterdam. In fact, you can fly there from twenty one different UK airports (at the time of writing), and the flights themselves can be an absolute bargain, especially if you are booking them well in advance! Once you arrive, you can either enjoy some private airport transfers or just jump on a train, bus or get a taxi to zoom you into the centre, where you’ll be in about twenty minutes.

Once your Amsterdam Stag Do is underway, you’ll discover that it is really easy to get around in the city centre, with trams, buses and metros all readily available throughout the day and night, meaning that no matter where you are staying, it won’t take long for you to get to the next place you want to visit.

So whether you're after a relaxed weekend in a beautiful European city or you're looking for some truly unique nightlife options, an Amsterdam Stag Do is just the ticket you need to find yourself experiencing a truly new and unique weekend away – it’s so different to a UK stag do, that if you’ve never been you really should do.

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