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Magnet Fishing Stag Do Weekends

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One thing that Amsterdam has a lot of is canals, it also has a lot of history, dating back all the way to the middle ages. In fact the canal is the main reason that Amsterdam's growth exploded centuries ago turning it into a major international trade hub and along with other major historic that have taken place in the city, it all combines to offer your Amsterdam stag do an exciting opportunity.

Magnet fishing is part archeology, part ecology, part treasure hunting and whole lot of fun. Your expert guide will take you for a tour of the canals in the historic city centre and issue you with incredible magnets that are capable of sticking and lifting a staggering 100kg in weight in a bid to 'unearth' some of the long forgotten treasures of Amsterdam's past. So whether you uncover a couple of bikes or something a lot more interesting, one things for sure, you'll be guaranteed a few surprises.

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