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Taser Tag Stag Do Weekends

The Details

All the exhilaration and adrenaline of paintball but without the bruises and pain! Taser tag is a unique Birmingham stag do activity that’ll make the stag sigh with relief, because traditionally the ‘all vs the stag’ paintball game results in many, many bruises for the main man! That’s where Taser tag sets itself apart. Using state of the art equipment Taser tag in Birmingham is the ideal paintball alternative. All combatants have disposable sticky pads placed strategically around your shoulder blades that deliver a gentle (you’ve been shot) shock which is much like the feeling of a tens machine meaning there’s no need for mask’s or other inconvenient safety gear getting in the way of your charge towards your objective. With traditional paintball and airsoft games being played such as capture the flag, protect the VIP and all out warfare, Taser tag could really be that perfect activity for your stag do.

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