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Stag Do Weekends in Birmingham

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Stag Do Weekends in Birmingham

Birmingham. It’s not a place you instantly associate with being a great city for a party is it. And that’s a real shame – the reputation it has (unfairly) gained over the years just makes it sound boring, whereas nothing could be further from the truth in real life. Birmingham is an absolute belter of a choice for your stag weekend destination, for a huge variety of reasons.

To start with, there’s convenience. Birmingham is incredibly well situated to be accessible from a huge variety of areas of the country. Easily accessed by motorway, car is just one of the many methods of transport that can simply and quickly get you to the UK’s second-biggest city – if you’d prefer, you can get a train or even fly, all options that will allow you to quickly and easily arrive for one of the best stag weekends you will ever have.

The second reason that Birmingham is a great destination for your stag weekend, is value. Birmingham may have the second largest economy in the UK (outside of London), but where London charges you nearly a tenner a pint and hotel rooms cost the earth, Birmingham is a city where you can get two drinks AND some chips on the way back to your hotel for a tenner, a vast difference indeed!

And speaking of the accommodation available, there is a huge selection, and it’s all very reasonable. So whether you literally just want a bed to sleep on, or you’d prefer a hotel with facilities and that luxurious feel, none of it is going to break the bank – which is exactly what you want.

But price and convenience does not make a brilliant stag weekend destination. It’s what you can do when you are there – and believe me, Birmingham does not skimp on that front. With nearly sixty activities available to book at the time of writing, the selection is enormous. Whether you want to race go Karts, get a birds-eye view of the country in a hot air balloon or fight for your life in a Zombie Experience, Birmingham has definitely got you covered.

And we haven’t even mentioned the nightlife! Whatever you want to do in the evening, Birmingham will deliver. Pubs? Bars? Restaurants? Gentlemen’s Clubs? Casinos? Regardless of what tickles your fancy, a stag do weekends in Birmingham will provide everything you need and more.

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