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About Birmingham

Why have a Birmingham Stag Do?

Birmingham isn't usually the first place people think of when considering a great city for a party, and that's a real shame. The reputation it has unfairly gained over the years makes it sound boring, but nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, a Birmingham Stag Do is an absolute belter of a weekend away, offering fantastic activities and nightlife at a fantastic price. For instance, London will cost you nearly a tenner a pint and a hotel room costs a small fortune. Birmingham, on the other hand, is a city where a tenner will get you two pints and a bag of chips on the way back to your hotel. That's a pretty big price difference if you're planning on a fair bit of drinking (and we're pretty sure most of you are)!

Price and convenience aren’t the only reasons to be picking Birmingham though – as it is a big city (the third largest in the UK), it has everything you’d imagine a big city has, which means that it can provide absolutely everything you need for a great stag do, while providing the infrastructure you need to ensure that everything is easily accessible for the entire weekend.

Popular activities

Activities are one of the things that can make or break a stag do. Luckily with a Birmingham Stag Do, the huge range of activities will definitely be making it rather than breaking it! Birmingham offers a huge range of activities, whatever type of stag do it is that you are trying to plan.

For many Birmingham Stag Dos, what they want are the tried and tested, traditional stag do activities. Luckily Birmingham has some of the best venues for any of these, with their go-karting being something that is absolutely out of this world, and Zorb Football being one of the most popular things for any Birmingham Stag Do. Couple these with activities like 4x4 Off Road Driving, Indoor Skiing (or Snowboarding), or Clay pigeon shooting, and that should start to give you an idea of just how much is available for you to arrange on your Birmingham Stag Do.

However, as well as that, Birmingham is able to offer you some brilliant activities that are much harder to find throughout the country. The Bushcraft activity, for example, is one such option. This will teach you a selection of impressive outdoor skills and help you to prove that you’d give Bear Grylls a run for his money when it comes to surviving in the wild. But the king of Birmingham Stag Do Activities is the Zombie Apocalypse experience. Only available here, this immersive, frightening and adrenaline-pumping experience will see you do battle with zombies while armed with realistic weapons and ammo, trying desperately to survive and escape the resident evil with nothing but your wits, your rapidly depleting supplies and your team.

Where to Stay?

Places to stay for your Birmingham Stag Do are plentiful and usually at very reasonable prices. Whatever your tastes require, Birmingham can supply it with no hassle whatsoever. If you just want a bed to sleep on and nothing fancy, that’s no problem. If you want something a bit more luxurious like a posh hotel with some facilities included (especially useful if you are the sort of person who likes to hit the gym or a pool to work off a hangover), then that can be arranged as well.

With lots of accommodation located very close to the areas that you’ll be spending a lot of your time, we’ll endeavour to find you the accommodation that most suits your tastes and requirements, without costing you the earth.


A Birmingham Stag Do wouldn’t be complete without planning for some big nights out. Whether you are staying for one night, two nights, three nights or even more, you can rest assured that whatever you want to get up to on your nights out will be easily available to you.

Whether you want to just stay in or around New Street with its huge selection of pubs and bars, or whether you want to go a little further out and explore a wider area, you’ll find everything you need and more. And we haven’t even mentioned the other types of nightspots that tend to be popular on a Birmingham Stag Do. Nightclubs are essential, of course, and Birmingham has a great selection of those, ensuring that whatever type of music or type of venue you are after, you’ll find somewhere that fits those requirements.

There are some organised evening activities that are often popular with Birmingham Stag Dos, most notably a trip to the Greyhound Racing and a journey on the Party Bus, and if those don’t tick the boxes you need, then there are plenty of Casinos and Gentlemen’s clubs for you to visit if that’s more your style.

How to Get There

Birmingham is ridiculously convenient. As the UK's second biggest city, it is easily accessible from nearly everywhere in the UK, so gathering your stag party together couldn't be simpler. If you fancy driving, it's easily accessed by motorway. If you'd prefer to leave the cars at home, you can get a train or even an internal flight without any difficulty and without breaking the bank.

If you are still reading this, you have hopefully decided that a Birmingham Stag Do is something you’d like to at least investigate more – so why not get in touch and let us know what sort of things you’d like to do on your perfect stag do, and we’ll tailor make a quote for you.

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