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Stag Do Weekend in Birmingham

About Birmingham

Birmingham isn't usually the first place people think of when considering a great city for a party, and that's a real shame. The reputation it has unfairly gained over the years makes it sound boring, but nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, Birmingham is an absolute belter of a choice for your stag weekend, offering fantastic activities and nightlife at a fantastic price.

To start with the boring aspects, Birmingham is ridiculously convenient. As the UK's second biggest city, it is easily accessible from nearly everywhere in the UK, so gathering your stag party together couldn't be simpler. If you fancy driving, it's easily accessed by motorway. If you'd prefer to leave the cars at home, you can get a train or even an internal flight without any difficulty and without breaking the bank.

The second reason that Birmingham is a great destination for your stag weekend is that it offers truly fantastic value for money. Birmingham has the second largest economy in the UK (outside of London), but the price differences are massive. London will cost you nearly a tenner a pint and a hotel room costs a small fortune. Birmingham, on the other hand, is a city where a tenner will get you two pints and a bag of chips on the way back to your hotel. That's a pretty big price difference if you're planning on a fair bit of drinking (and we're pretty sure most of you are)! Speaking of the accommodation available, Birmingham has a huge selection of hotels, hostels and apartments, all at very reasonable prices. So whether you literally just want a bed to sleep on, or you'd prefer a hotel with facilities and that luxurious feel, none of it is going to break the bank.

But price and convenience does not make a brilliant stag weekend destination. It's what you can do when you are there – and believe me - Birmingham does not skimp on that front. With nearly sixty activities available to book, Birmingham offers one of the widest ranges of activities of any city available! Whether you want to race go karts, get a birds-eye view of the country in a hot air balloon or fight for your life in a zombie experience, Birmingham has definitely got you covered. It even offers more off the wall activities like bushcraft, bierkellers and indoor skiing!

Which brings us on to the nightlife! Whatever you want to do in the evening, Birmingham will deliver. Birmingham is a huge city offering an array of pubs, bars, restaurants, gentlemen's clubs, casinos and more! Regardless of what tickles your fancy, you'll find it somewhere in Birmingham!

So if you're looking for a location that offers a great range of options at great value for money, a stag do weekend in Birmingham is exactly what you're searching for!

What Can You Do In Birmingham?