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The Perfect Pint Tour Stag Do Weekends

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Anyone who has been to Ireland on a stag weekend will no doubt mention that Guinness tastes different when in Dublin. This could be for any number of reasons but with bartenders all over the world striving to draw 'that perfect pint' it goes to show that there's more than a little science involved when pouring the perfect pint and just flipping a tap handle and filling a pint glass just simply won't do!

Inspired by anonymous hardened Guinness afficionados that have travelled the length and bredth of Dublin reviewing pubs and their ability to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, The Perfect Pint Tour takes your Dublin stag do to 4 of the best traditional Irish pubs to enjoy the best Guinness Dublin have to offer.

This three and a half hour tour includes luxury transport, a pint of guinness in each of the four best traditional Irish pubs, Irish music and a scenic tour of the city. Perfect for those that like a tipple!

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