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About Dublin

Pictured: The Temple Bar, probably the most famous pub in Ireland.

Why pick a Dublin Stag Do?

There are certain cities that will instantly make you think of the party spirit – and Dublin is very high indeed in that list. The capital of the Republic of Ireland, a Dublin Stag Do is an absolutely legendary event – after all, it is estimated that 50% of it’s citizens are under 25, giving the whole place a youthful and party-friendly atmosphere that you can easily embrace.

Being such a popular and tourist friendly destination means that Dublin has absolutely everything you might want for a stag do and so much more besides. If you want to pack your weekend full with pre-planned activities, you’ll have more options than you can possibly schedule into one trip, and if you just want to spend some time exploring the area between pre-arranged events, the beautiful scenery and numerous pubs will make sure that every part of your Dublin Stag Do is truly memorable.

Where to Stay?

This youthful atmosphere coupled with the heavy tourist trade means that this city contains a vast array of accommodation options that can be perfectly tailored to suit exactly what your Dublin Stag Do are looking for. With such a wide selection of options, everyone will be happy – so whether you are looking to keep your budget low and happy to stay in a hostel, whether you want a posh hotel, or whether you fancy some living space alongside the bedrooms by staying in apartments, Dublin will provide.

Popular activities

Dublin Stag Dos are infamous for being alcohol-fuelled, and while this is often true, what shouldn’t be overlooked is the great selection of activities that this city is able to offer you as well as just the traditional pubs and bars. This city is able to offer all kinds of traditional stag do activities, including such classics as Clay Pigeon Shooting, Go Karting, Zorb Football, 4x4 Driving and more. These are always incredibly popular activities at any destination, and Dublin is no exception.

But if you are going to visit Dublin, there are two activities that it would be almost criminal not to take part in – the Guinness Brewery Tour. It is always said that Guinness tastes better in Ireland, as the fresher it is, the better it tastes. So why not try the tastiest pint of all, right there at the brewery itself. However it is well known that Guinness is an acquired taste, and some people cannot stand it. Luckily, there is another tour of a famous Irish alcohol producer available as a second option – I am talking about the Jamesons Distillery Tour. So whether you are a Guinness chugger or a whiskey sipper, these tours are unique to a Dublin Stag Do and are definitely worth your time.

Nights Out

Before we get to talking about the pubs and bars that Dublin can offer you (of which there are many), it is worth spending a moment discussing the other popular evening option for a Dublin Stag Do, which is a trip to the greyhound racing. This evening activity is regularly a part of Dublin Stag Dos as it combines gambling, drinking, the exhilaration of watching a race and chilling out with the lads all in one great activity.

While one of the cities most famous musical exports famously sung “where the streets have no name”, in Dublin there is just one street name you need to remember through your alcoholic haze, and that is Temple Bar. This was developed as Dublin’s cultural quarter and now contains a huge array of nightspots as well as street performers and music venues, giving you entertainment throughout the day and night and way into the next morning.

No matter what your preferred drinks, what types of pub and bar you enjoy and whether you want to hit a nightclub or a gentlemen’s club to finish the night off, Temple Bar is the place to be for the best Dublin Stag Do evening out. In fact, we highly recommend arranging a pub crawl around the area, so that locals with great knowledge and experience can show you all of the best places to drink.

Getting there and Getting around

Getting to Dublin from the UK is a piece of cake. Direct flights are available from a great selection of airports across the country, and these flights take somewhere between an hour and ninety minutes, and then the travel from Dublin airport to the city centre tends to be about another thirty minutes maximum. This means that no matter where you are flying from in the UK, you could be at your destination and enjoying a drink two hours after you left, which is a pretty quick turnaround for any trip abroad – just one more advantage to a Dublin Stag Do.

Getting around in Dublin itself is pretty easy too. They have a very comprehensive bus network, with a tram system as well and even bicycle and motorbike hire. In other words, getting from A to B is easy, no matter where you start from.

In short, a Dublin Stag Do is an out of this world experience that everyone should try at least once. The Guinness Tour is absolutely amazing and the taste of fresh Guinness at the end of it is an absolute eye opener. If you like the sound of a Dublin Stag Do and want to see what we can arrange for you – good news! We are here and ready to tailor make a perfect Dublin Stag Do quote for you, just get in touch and tell us what you want to do (and what your budget is) and we’ll make it happen.

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