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Ultimate Stag Do guide for Stags that Love Driving

Last but not least

Ultimate Stag Do guide for Stags that Love Driving

The last part of our ultimate stag do guide for stags that love driving. If you’re still following at this point, many thanks.


Another activity that has no need of an engine. Can you imagine the speeds you could achieve if a bobsleigh had an engine! Absolutely hair raising speeds! Anyway back on track, Mother Nature, gravity and a little human inspiration all came together and the Bobsleigh was born. Is once in a lifetime activity is only available if you have a stag do in Riga, Latvia. Reaching unbelievable speeds you’re able to take on the Latvian Olympic Training track in either a real bobsleigh, piloted by a former Latvian bobsleigh star or you can take the crashmat option and take on the course in a padded sled and let gravity do its thing. These are excellent, once in a lifetime stag do activities and it will certainly quench the thirst of even the most ardent speed demon.


Segway defined the genre of personal electric transportation vehicles. Often referred to as a ‘brain’ due to the incredibly intelligent design that uses your body weight to control the speed and direction you’re going. Invented in 2001 by American, Dean Kamen, the Segway was successful the world over with many forward thinking governments allowing their use for transport for the benefit of the environment, some have yet to catch up (Come on UK, sort it out!) There are stories that the inventor died using a Segway, however, it was the owner of the company, Jimi Heselden, that tragically died falling into a ravine in Yorkshire and not the inventor.


Quad Bikes have always been popular with both stag and hen dos, These powerful off road vehicles have some real thump when you pull the go trigger. They’re quick when they need to be and great at handling even the toughest of terrain. It takes some getting used to the way you have to lean the opposite way to turn corners. These 4x4 vehicles are perfect to take in a tour in the countryside and equally adept for a competitive time trial race, so whatever type of event you choose you’re bound to get maximum enjoyment, even better, the mud is thrown in for no additional cost.

4x4 Blind driving

Tits; Areshole; Flange! These are the sorts of things you’ll hear when you’re 4x4 blind driving. You’ll probably hear some special four letter words coming from the driver too! You may wonder WTF I’m on about, but it’s true! Take control of a classic Land Rover or similar 4x4 and drive round a specially designed obstacle course, easy huh! Not so fast, as the title suggests there is a twist. With two of your mates in the back and the driver blindfolded you’ll have to navigate the course with the help of your mates, who, will be giving directions substituting the words, left, right and straight on with words of their choice!

If you and the stags are petrol heads and love the idea of a stag do with some fantastic driving activities, please contact us and we’ll create the perfect stag do for you and the lads. If you would like further information, please get in contact on either 01202 566100 or email on [email protected]