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4x4 Blind Driving Stag Do Weekends

The Details

For this activity, each member of the stag do will have a chance to drive a 4x4 vehicle around an off-roading course filled with a range of challenging obstacles. But just to make things a little more interesting (and a lot more fun!), you’ll be driving the entire course whilst blindfolded. It will be up to your mates to shout directions at you to ensure you don’t crash, but in the spirit of the stag do, you’ll be banned from using the words left and right. You’ll have to come up with some new and funnier alternatives to yell if you want to avoid crashing and post the best time!

The winner will be the person who can complete the entire course in the fastest time, and rest assured that and bumps and scratches won’t harm your time. For the craftier and more competitive members of the stag party, just remember that if you yell the wrong directions and sabotage your mates with a few crashes, they can do the exact same thing to you. If a 4x4 blind driving stag do weekend sounds right up your street, please enquire through the enquire using the button above and we’ll find you the best possible package for your event.

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