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About Benalmadena

Why choose a Benalmadena Stag Do?

Benalmadena is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol, and for very good reason. This beautiful location is full of sun, sea and some of the most beautiful beaches that you've ever seen in your life - perfect for lying on while you are recovering from the night before!

Fun fact - Benalmadena Stag Dos have been around for decades or more – in fact, there is a myth that this was the first ever stag do destination when the town was first founded back in the prehistoric times. After all, even back then it was important to go somewhere with the lads before you clobbered your true love over the head with a club and dragged her back to your cave permanently!

Edit - I’ve been advised to tell you that the “fun fact” in the paragraph above cannot be proved to be true. But it still sounds right, doesn’t it? Essentially what I’m saying is that Benalmadena Stag Dos have been around for a long time for very good reason indeed. This place is amazing and is a perfect destination for you to visit before getting married.

How to Get there?

When travelling to Benalmadena, you are looking to fly to Malaga airport. The great news on that front is that a huge selection of UK airports offer direct flights to Malaga, so no matter where you and the lads are flying from, you should be able to find cheap and convenient flights to take you on your perfect Benalmadena Stag Do.

Where to Stay?

Benalmadena is no slouch in the accommodation department, offering a range of excellent options to suit all budgets. If you're looking for a place to stay on the cheaper end of the market, we highly recommend renting apartments. This gives you and all of the members of your Benalmadena Stag Do comfy beds and plenty of living space, all without breaking the bank.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more up-market, Benalmadena also offers a range of incredibly posh accommodations with a wide array of luxury features. Who doesn't love a hot tub to unwind in?

Popular activities

When you're not relaxing in the sun or enjoying a cold pint on the beach, there are plenty of stag activities to populate your day with. Some of the most popular options available on your Benalmadena Stag Do include the Catamaran Cruise (because what’s a better way to relax than drinking and sunbathing on a boat as you take in the gorgeous scenery), a trip around the area in the famous Buggy Safari (where you get to experience some of the amazing local area first hand) and the old traditional stag do activity favourite – Go-Karting.

However, as well as those options I’ve just discussed, there are two activities unique to Benalmadena that we always recommend. The first is the local water park, which is a famous tourist hotspot and perfect for exploring on a hot summer's day. For the adventurous types, the park includes a 22m high free-fall slide, making it one of the tallest in Europe and definitely worth experiencing on your Benalmadena Stag Do.

The second unique activity for your Benalmadena Stag Do is fly boarding, in which you get to hover above the sea with nothing but a skateboard style deck between you and the powerful jets that fire you into the sky. As a bonus, it's also great fun to watch your mates get fired into the ocean when they wipe out!

Another activity that is exciting and adrenaline fuelled (although it may not be an activity for everyone) is coasteering. This involves making your way around the coast through a combination of rock climbing, swimming and cliff diving, making it a fantastic option for more active and adrenaline seeking stag parties.


There's plenty to do during the daytime, but what about your evenings? You’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of options for you to sink your teeth into on your Benalmadena Stag Do nights out. If you fancy grabbing something to eat before going out, there are plenty of great options to do that – in fact, our most popular option for a restaurant tends to be a stripper dinner, because what could be better than eating dinner while watching a show?

Once you are out on the town, you’ll quickly find that there are bars, pubs and clubs galore, so you'll never run out of places to party, and you probably won't get back to your bed until the morning after! If you’d like some help in finding the best places to spend your time and your money, why not arrange a guided bar crawl? That way you’ll be shown the best nightlife by a friendly local guide who will not only be able to offer you insights, but will also be able to ensure you get a couple of free drinks and have loads of fun while you are out and about! They’ll then make sure you find your way to the best nightclub in the area, so that you can party through until the morning.

If a weekend of fun in the Spanish sun is right up your street, then it seems as if a Benalmadena Stag Do could be the perfect match for you. Just get in touch and let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll tailor make you a personalised quote to ensure that you get everything included and still stay within the budget that you are looking to keep to.

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