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Stag Do Weekends in Great Yarmouth

About Great Yarmouth

Many places are obvious contenders for “Great Stag Do Weekends”. And, on paper, some seem less obvious. Great Yarmouth is one of those dark horses – why would you go there for a stag weekend? What’s the appeal? Well it is interesting to note that when stag weekends started to boom in the UK back in the eighties, Great Yarmouth was an option that people were requesting even then. There is just something about this seaside town that lends itself to being a great stag destination. And we very strongly agree with this sentiment.

Part of the appeal has always come down to its streamlined nature. Unlike visiting a giant city for your stag weekend, Great Yarmouth has everything you need located within a very small distance of each other – so instead of having to worry about taxis, trains or buses, you can walk from place to place, which really helps when planning a stag weekend.

And it’s not lacking in activities either. Whether you are the kind of stag party who love to race, and just want to put your pedal to the metal on a great go-karting experience, or whether you would prefer a quiet round of golf – or even take to the seas and go for a nice relaxed spot of sea fishing, Great Yarmouth has every option sewn up and available for you. Even if you don’t want an organised activity and just fancy spending some time by the seaside – it's got TWELVE amusement arcades within two square miles – I don’t know about you, but that sounds fun to me!

But I know what you are worrying about. “Great Yarmouth sounds great in the daytime, but what about at night?” Don’t worry about that – Great Yarmouth may be a seaside town, but it absolutely has all of the bars, pubs and clubs that you need to make your stag weekend one that you will never forget.

What Can You Do In Great Yarmouth?