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About Great Yarmouth

Why should I choose a Great Yarmouth Stag Do?

Many places are obvious contenders for “Great Stag Do destinations”. And, on paper, some seem less obvious. This town does seem to be one of those dark horses on first glance – why would you arrange a Great Yarmouth Stag Do? What’s the appeal? Well it is interesting to note that when stag weekends started to boom in the UK back in the eighties, Great Yarmouth was an option that people were requesting even then. There is just something about this seaside town that lends itself to being a great stag do destination, and we very strongly agree with this sentiment.

Part of the appeal has always come down to its streamlined nature. Unlike visiting a giant city for your stag weekend, Great Yarmouth has everything you need located within a very small distance of each other – so instead of having to worry about taxis, trains or buses, you can walk from place to place, which really helps when planning a stag do.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation for your Great Yarmouth Stag Do is easy to find and always perfectly suited to your group. With all kinds of places available, and everything being so centralised, you’ll be in the perfect place to enjoy your weekend away. Whether it’s a B&B, Guest House or hotel, you’ll find that all of the accommodations come with the facilities you’d expect, along with a very welcoming atmosphere.

Popular activities

As you can see from the options below, there are plenty of activities that you can include as part of a Great Yarmouth Stag Do. After all, you don’t become a seaside resort without having plenty of things for everyone to do. If you are the kind of stag party who love to race, why not put your pedal to the metal and enjoy a great go-karting experience? It’s the perfect stag do activity in many ways, it’s fast, it’s furious and it is competitive, so whoever wins is going to be able to take bragging rights for the rest of the weekend (and probably the rest of the year).

For those of you who prefer an activity that’s a bit more relaxed, why not take to the seas for a session of sea fishing? This is one of those activities that almost no-one thinks of before having a chat (or reading this page), but the moment you suggest it they realise what a good option it is. You and the lads will take to the seas with a friendly fisherman, and you’ll get to spend the day trying to catch whatever is available – all the while enjoying a beer or two and plenty of banter.

That’s just a couple of the many pre-planned activities that you can include on a Great Yarmouth Stag Do. Even if you don’t want an organised activity and just fancy spending some time by the seaside – it's got TWELVE amusement arcades within two square miles – I don’t know about you, but that sounds fun to me!


But I know what you are worrying about. “A Great Yarmouth Stag Do sounds great in the daytime, but what about at night?” Don’t worry about that, whatever picture you have imagined of this seaside town, you’ll be surprised by just how many options there are for great nightlife.

One of the most important things for any stag do is to make sure that you eat well before going on a big night out. Luckily there are plenty of options to do so on your Great Yarmouth Stag Do, so whatever type of food you are after, you’ll be able to find it here. For some groups, a full sit-down three course meal is the ideal option, whereas for others the key is to get some food you can eat in one hand while still drinking with the other – burger, pizza, something like that. No matter what your groups preferences are, we can ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Once you’ve eaten, it’s time to head out and hit the town in a big bad way. The bars and pubs available in Great Yarmouth are all very well located near to each other, and give you a great amount of choice. For a completely stress-free evening, you could even add the Bar Crawl babes to your package. These lovely ladies know the area well, and will make sure that you are shown around to all of the best drinking spots available to a Great Yarmouth Stag Do. They’ll even do all the queueing at the bar for you, so your only jobs will be to sit, relax, chat and drink – doesn’t that sound perfect?

After visiting as many bars and pubs as you would like, it’s time to move on. For many groups, the ideal location to end up after drinking your way through all the pubs and bars is a nightclub, and Great Yarmouth will not disappoint on that topic. But if you’d prefer something else, like a Gentlemen’s club or a casino, these are also options that are easily available to you on your Great Yarmouth Stag Do.

There you have it – if you weren’t considering a Great Yarmouth Stag Do before you clicked on this link, then you certainly are now, aren’t you? And why shouldn’t you? This place has everything you need, and also has a unique atmosphere that will mean your memories of the stag do will always be positive ones. Get in touch and tell us what you would like to do on your Great Yarmouth Stag Do, and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote – before you know it, you’ll be on your way.

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