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Dodgeball Stag Do Weekend

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There's nothing complicated about dodgeball. In essence, it's name contains all the information you require. There is a ball, and you need to dodge it - it's simple! That doesn't mean it's boring though - as someone famous once said "The greatest pleasures in life come from simple things" and there's no greater pleasure than dodging a speeding ball before launching it powerfully back into the face of your mates. In fact, the giddy thrill of it will keep you on a high for the whole weekend - long after the match has finished! Just don't all aim at the stag - that's cheating... With that in mind, Dodgeball is a perfect stag do activity, as it combines competition, excitement and violence, all wrapped up in a perfect package. So why delay? Get a quote from us for your stag do today - or have a look at the packages we offer below! And remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball...

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