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Stag Do Weekends in Hvar

About Hvar

Why should I choose a Hvar Stag Do?

Hvar is one of those islands that you’ve probably heard of, but never been lucky enough to visit. Well, here is your chance to change that. This beautiful island off the coast of mainland Croatia is known locally as “Sunny Island”, as even if it’s not sunny elsewhere in Croatia, it’s always sunny in Hvar!

With temperatures averaging up to 30°C in the summer months, you can rest and relax in this island paradise – but don’t panic, it’s not all sun, sea, sand and nothing to do – Hvar is known as a party island for very good reason. In fact, with so many different things to do and enjoy, as well as the temperature, Hvar Stag Dos are on the rise, becoming more and more popular with every passing year.

How to get there?

Getting to Hvar from the UK is perfectly simple. You just need to get a plane to Split (the local city on the mainland) before getting over to the island by using one of the many easy transport methods (taxi, bus, etc). Getting to Split itself is easy, as this airport is served by a wide range of airports in the UK, ensuring that you’ll have no problem getting there from wherever you are based in the UK.

Where to Stay?

Once you’ve arrived and been picked up from the airport, you’ll arrive at your friendly accommodation – and with great accommodation options to choose from, you’ll find all of the options are perfect for your Hvar Stag Do. Whether you want to stay in a well-located and popular hotel, or whether you’d rather relax and have a little space of your own in one of the popular holiday apartments, you’ll find that all of your requirements are fulfilled when booking a Hvar Stag Do with us.

Popular activities

It has to be said that the most popular activities for any Hvar Stag Do tend to not cost you anything at all. After all, once you’ve arrived at the sunniest place you are ever likely to have visited, the most popular options tend to be lounging on the beach or lazing by the pool – both of which are great ways to spend some time on your Hvar Stag Do.

If you want to include some activities as well (which many groups do), then why not consider picking one that really highlights what a tropical paradise you have found yourselves in? The private boat charter will give you the chance for a drink and relax whilst you cruise around in the gorgeous Adriatic sea, having a laugh with your mates and drinking in some of that perfect sun.

If you think that your Hvar Stag Do could do with an injection of something a bit more exciting and adrenaline pumping, then Jet Skiing is the obvious choice to include. Jumping onto one of these powerful machines and tearing your way around the sea is extremely freeing and entertaining, and will make sure that you have a stag do to remember.


“This all sounds amazing”, I hear you say, “But what about in the evenings? What can I do on my Hvar Stag Do that will keep us entertained and excited throughout the night?” The answer to that is very simple – Hvar has so many great places where you can spend some time in the evenings, that you’ll run out of time before you run out of venues to visit.

Many groups opt to go for the Bar Crawl as part of their Hvar Stag Do package, because it means that they will get the chance to explore the local area with a local guide who knows exactly where the best places are for your Hvar Stag Do to visit, and also knows all of the tricks to ensure that you are getting the best possible value out of your money when it comes to drinks and food. This evening of discovery will mean that you get to appreciate the island of Hvar the way it was meant to be appreciated - at night, and with a drink in each hand.

After you’ve visited as many bars as you can cope with, you need somewhere else to go to dance the night away and enjoy another drink or three. Luckily Hvar Nightclubs are among the best in the world, so you’ll find yourself well and truly entertained as they crank up the music and you let the unique atmosphere wash over you and all the lads – a perfect way to end your Hvar Stag Do night out.

In short, Hvar is one of those places that you may not have heard of prior to investigating possible stag do destinations, but you can see now how it is a location on the rise and is somewhere that you should absolutely consider as a possible location for the best weekend you’ll ever have. The sun, the sea, the drinks, the scenery, it all sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

If a Hvar Stag Do sounds like something you’d be interested in, then why not get in touch? We pride ourselves on ensuring that we can give you everything you request for your stag do quote – so we’ll include all of the activities you fancy, give some suggestions if you are looking for additional options, and make sure that we come in as close to your ideal budget as possible.

You’ve got nothing to lose by enquiring, so give us a call today and let us write you up a quote for the most unforgettable weekend away you’ll ever have – a Hvar Stag Do.

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What Can You Do In Hvar?