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Stag Do Weekends in Ibiza

About Ibiza

What do you need to know about Ibiza that you don’t already know? More than any other destination in the UK or Europe, Ibiza has a reputation that makes it one of the most popular party locations throughout the world, and of course we all know why that is. The nightlife is head and shoulders above other major clubbing cities – I’d go so far as to say that it’s the clubbing capital of the world. With its famous superclubs ruling the roost and a huge selection of other nightclubs as well, it is one of those places where you might go simply for the nightlife and use your days to recover.

And that’s a perfectly valid reason to visit. But what you may not know about Ibiza is that it is full of other exciting things to do throughout the day. Some of these things are beach related – its Banana Boat rides are infamous – and some are a break from that – you can lock and load and challenge your mates to a game of airsoft if you fancy it, and the Go-Karting offered here is absolutely sublime.

Curiously, our most popular activity available in Ibiza is the Sunset Cruise, which allows you to have a drink and some fun on board a beautiful boat while watching the sun sink slowly below the horizon. This can be a perfect way to slowly get yourselves back up to speed after the night before, and before you head out on that night’s nightlife mayhem.

But as we’ve discussed, the reason you come to Ibiza is the nightlife. You don’t need me to tell you about the ridiculous numbers of bars and clubs available to you. While entry to the superclubs is quite high-priced, the other options cover the full range of prices, so whether you are on a budget or splashing the cash, the nightlife in Ibiza will provide everything you ever needed on a night out.

If a stag do weekend in Ibiza sounds like the perfect match for you, or if it's on your shortlist, contact one of our stag do specialists on 01202 566100 or via the contact form to create the best stag weekend in Ibiza.

What Can You Do In Ibiza?