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Stag do weekend in Ljubljana


About Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a destination that most people tend to not have heard of and definitely cannot pronounce! Well we here at the Stag and Hen Experience are nothing if not helpful, so our first act is to tell you that it is pronounced Lu-bi-a-na – you’re welcome! But why should you consider a stag weekend there if you didn’t even know how to pronounce it? Well, there are many reasons – and all of them are good.

To start with, Ljubljana has a great variance in temperature throughout the year – what other city can you consider that has temperatures over 40 OC during the summer and regular snowfall in the winter! Our packages will mean you are greeted at the airport and taken to your centrally located accommodation, and before long you’ll be experiencing some of the most fun you’ve ever had on a stag do weekend.

Activity-wise there is so much to do. The firearm shooting is immense, allowing you to take on weapons that you’d never be allowed to shoot in the UK, and letting you compete to see who is the best with them. At the other end of the spectrum, because of the variance in temperatures throughout the year and the beautiful local mountains, Ljubljana is one of the few locations that we can organise skiing for your European stag weekend – and that’s the beauty of this destination, you can do pretty much anything.

As far as the nightlife is concerned – I hope that you have the stamina you’ll need, because Ljubljana is an absolute party capital of the world. You will visit pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs – you’ll dance to DJs and live bands, you’ll visit some of the most welcoming gentlemen’s clubs in the world and throughout all of this you’ll be drinking some of the finest drinks you’ve ever tasted – we highly recommend the schnapps (in moderation, of course!)

If you like the sound of a Ljubljana stag do weekend, enquire now or contact us on 01202 566100 and speak to one of our stag do specialists and we’ll create the perfect stag package for you.

What Can You Do In Ljubljana?