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About Magaluf

Why choose a Magaluf Stag Do?

Magaluf is one of those places with a reputation that precedes it. Even before you had finished reading that first sentence, you were already thinking about the stories you’ve heard about Magaluf and how well suited it is for stag dos – and don’t worry, it has that reputation for good reason! Magaluf is incredibly popular for all kinds of weekends away, but stags are the most common groups you’ll bump into on the strip.

So what is it about this Spanish resort that has makes a Magaluf Stag Do the perfect Stag Do option? There are so many things that combine to make it a brilliant place for your last weekend of freedom. It’s easy to get to, is great value for money overall – especially with regards to alcohol and food prices – and has an atmosphere unlike any other place you’ve ever visited.

How to get there?

As mentioned above, it’s nice and easy to get to Magaluf from the UK. Palma de Mallorca airport (which is where you need to fly to for Magaluf) is served by around twenty mainland UK airports, so wherever you want to fly from and whenever you want to fly, you’ll easily find flights to pick from. Couple this with the fact that flights can be an absolute bargain price, so you’ll have no problem arranging your Magaluf Stag Do whatever your budget may be.

Once you get to the airport, getting to Magaluf itself is nice and easy. You can get a bus or a taxi, and whichever you choose you’ll find the ride nice and quick, so pretty soon after you’ve landed you’ll either be in your accommodation, or already in a bar with a beer in hand!

Where to Stay?

As a holiday resort, Magaluf is full of well-located accommodation, not so close to the bars that you can’t sleep because of the noise, but certainly within a few minutes staggering distance. For most Magaluf Stag Dos, apartments are the popular choice, giving you a chance to share a space with your mates and even have a little space to relax and suffer through your hangover from the night before.

The accommodation is also extremely competitively priced, as they are fully aware of the fierce competition to catch all of the tourist traffic, so you’ll find that a weekend away in Magaluf is even better value than you had thought it would be.

Popular activities

For a lot of groups, the appeal of a Magaluf Stag Do is primarily in the lazy days where you can embrace the sun and sea, and then the nights out – and that’s a perfectly valid way of looking at a Stag Do. However, there is an activity that always proves popular on a Magaluf Stag Do, which is the Catamaran Cruise. This gives you the chance to step on board a gorgeous boat and set sail for a couple of hours, with a drink in your hand you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while bobbing around on the ocean, and still get in some sunbathing time as well.

The other popular activity option for a Magaluf Stag Do is the waterpark. We can tell you from personal experience that this is the best hangover cure in Magaluf, so it is an ideal activity for the day after you’ve been out on the town. After a few minutes in the waterpark, you’ll be feeling refreshed, energised and ready to tackle the next night out in the way you want to.


A night out in Magaluf is one of the single best nights out you will ever have in your entire life. Especially on a Magaluf Stag Do, surrounded by your best mates and knowing you’ll have the whole of the next day to recover. The Punta Balena strip is one of the single most bar-heavy roads you will ever encounter, and every bar has an atmosphere all of its own.

For many groups, the choice can be almost overwhelming. Luckily there’s an easy way around this. If you want some assistance in navigating these amazing bars (particularly on the first night, where you haven’t had a chance to form any opinions yet), then a guided bar crawl is always highly recommended. Your guide will always be a friendly local who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to having an amazing Magaluf Stag Do night out. They’ll even know where to get some free drinks and which bars offer you the best value for money, so you’ll be thanking them as you knock back drink after drink.

Once you’ve been to as many bars as you can possibly cope with, you may decide that a visit to a nightclub is in order. The nightclubs in Magaluf are extremely friendly, and will welcome you in with open arms. Pretty soon you’ll be drinking and dancing your way around the club until the sun comes up the next morning.

If you fancy something a bit more “traditional” for your Magaluf Stag Do, then you could always head off to one of the gentlemen’s clubs in the area for several drinks and a show that you’ll never forget.

This all sounds amazing, doesn’t it? A Magluf Stag Do is the perfect way to say goodbye to the stag’s single life. Give us a call, and we’ll create a personalised quote that includes everything you could possibly want on a lads weekend away and still fits into your budget. We promise that you will have the best time, and that it will be a weekend that you remember for the rest of your life.

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