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Disc Golf Stag Do Weekends

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A satisfying twist on the game of golf, Disc Golf has reportedly been around since the 1900's eventually taking off in the 1970's. The sport has grown dramatically in recent years to the point there are now professional associations spanning 40 countries around the world with an vast number of 'associated' players. So, with popularity like that, you owe it to yourselves to have a go whilst on your stag do and see what all the fuss is about. You never know there could be a world champion amongst you!

Using traditional golf rules, you 'tee off' and much like golf, your objective is to get the frisbee into the specially designed 'hole' in this relaxing yet competitive stag do activity. Local golf courses around the UK have crafted special courses specifically for the sport to accommodate the sports popularity, so have a go on your stag do, you'll love it.

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