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About Munich

Why choose a Munich Stag Do?

Munich is famous as one of the best cities in the world when it comes to beer, food and generally making merry, and let’s be honest, those are some pretty important factors when it comes to planning a Stag Do. The moment you arrive in this amazing city, we’d strongly recommend you try a Weisswurste (white sausage) along with some pretzels, and then wash it all down with a Weissbier. After all, on any stag do you should start as you mean to go on, and your Munich Stag Do should be no different.

In fact, one of the appealing factors of a Munich Stag Do is the sheer beauty and wonder of German Beer. Whether you are enjoying a Weissbier or a Dunkelbier (light or dark beers respectively), you will find that German beer is so pure that it tastes amazing and doesn’t make you feel like crap the next morning! In fact, German beer is so good that it almost justifies the entire choice of having a Munich Stag Do without even having to consider anything else whatsoever.

Where to Stay?

With plenty of accommodation options to suit every budget and requirement, you aren't going to have a problem finding yourselves somewhere to stay. Every type of accommodation you can imagine is available for your Munich Stag Do to choose from. If you don’t mind all sharing a big room or two and want to keep your budget right down, why not go for one of the central hostels? They are great for keeping all of you together and usually have a bar, restaurant and/or lounge for you guys to relax in when you aren’t out and about. At the other end of the scale, if money is no object, you can go for a luxuriously posh hotel and take advantage of all the facilities you don’t get at home. With other hotel options available as well as apartments, no matter what your preference, you’ll find somewhere to call home on your Munich Stag Do.

Getting There and Getting Around

The good news is that getting to Munich from the UK isn’t complicated at all. A selection of airports across the country offer direct flights which tend to take only a couple of hours. At the Munich end, it takes just half an hour to get from the airport to the city centre, and there are a variety of methods to get you there, whether you choose to go posh with private transfers, or just jump on a train with everyone else. Once you get into the city, the convenience doesn’t stop, with Trams, the U-Bahn (underground trains), the S-Bahn (overground trains) and buses all serving the city regularly throughout the day and night. This means that whatever you are doing and wherever you are going on your Munich Stag Do, getting around will not be a problem.

Popular activities

There are a great selection of popular activities for you to choose from on your Munich Stag Do. Obviously there are many of the classic stag do activities if you want to include those – things like Clay Pigeon Shooting, Go-Karting, Paintball etc are always popular in any destination and that is no less true in Munich. Things that Munich offers that are more specific to the destination are always super popular as well (after all, if you are going on a Munich Stag Do, you probably want to do something Munich-specific), and the Beer Bike is always the top of this list. It’s a perfect match of drinking, sightseeing and cycling as you pedal a giant moveable bar around the city with a drink in hand and a guide telling you all about what you are seeing. The other popular Munich activity is the stadium tour, showing you around the Allianz Arena, the home of Bayern Munich.


But for those of you who fancy it – there is one major activity in Munich that is absolute Stag Do heaven – Oktoberfest. This festival runs for two to three weeks (dates vary dependant on year) and is one of the most popular events in Munich, with visitors coming from all over the world to experience the biggest beer festival you will ever encounter. As it is so popular, we’d always recommend booking it WELL in advance to avoid disappointment, as it’s a hugely memorable event, and will always make a Munich Stag Do go off with a bang.


Nightlife in Munich is also something out of this world. If you are visiting during Oktoberfest you won’t be able to move for places to drink, with tents and stalls set up in the streets all encouraging you to drink as much as is humanly possible. The good news is that this mindset continues whenever your Munich Stag Do takes place. If you aren’t visiting during Oktoberfest, but are instead visiting at one of the other forty-eight weeks of the year, you will still be surrounded by bars and pubs that will all be offering you some of the purist and tastiest beer you’ve ever drunk.

Guided Bar Crawls are always popular, giving you the chance to be shown all the best places to drink by a local, which is information that tends to be worth its weight in gold. After you’ve been to as many bars and pubs as you can cope with on a night out, why not try out one of the best nightclubs in Germany, or find yourself enjoying a show you’ll never forget at one of the cities popular gentleman’s clubs? No matter what your preferences, a night out in Munich will stay with you for life.

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