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Wakeboarding Stag Do Weekend

The Details

We've listed this one as wakeboarding, but we'll also give you the option of water skis! Strap into your skis or board and then take to the water for some exhilarating fun. Feel the breath taking speed as you skim along surface of the water whilst being towed by a fast boat, using the best of your balance, skill and flair to stay up and show off. There are plenty of ways to enjoy wakeboarding and water skiing, and those of you with exceptional balance might even want to try speed skiing or performing a few hops, spins or tricks. Even if you don't succeed, your inevitable wipe out is guaranteed to amuse the rest of the stag party!

As a general rule, we've always found water skiing to be a little bit easier to pick up than wakeboarding, but both take a similar time to get the hang of. Ultimately, you're going to fall the first few times whichever one you pick, so choose the one you prefer and prepare to laugh at your mates as they perform some beautiful water based faceplants!

If a wakeboarding stag do sounds right up your street, please contact our friendly team so that we can put together the best possible package for you!

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