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About Seville

Reasons to choose a Seville Stag Do

One of the most popular Spanish destinations for any kind of weekend away, Seville is a beautiful city with an atmosphere that is undefinable. As a holiday destination, Seville is perfect, located in the southern regions of Spain with average summer temperatures getting almost has high as 40 degrees Celsius, meaning that you will be bathed in sun while you are there. And as the city is very friendly towards stag dos, you’ll have some of the most fun you have ever had in this sun-filled location.

In fact, for many Seville Stag Dos, the reason to pick it comes down to a combination of the beautiful weather, the amazing architecture, and the relaxing atmosphere. After all, part of going away is to free yourself from the ever-stressful and always busy work-filled attitude of the UK, so why wouldn’t you go to a country that embraces afternoon naps as part of it’s culture?

Where to Stay?

Once you get there, we’ll check your Seville Stag Do into whichever accommodation type suits the weekend you are planning. Whether you are just trying to keep to a budget or whether you want to wallow in utter luxury, we have options for both ends of the spectrum and all points in between as well. Most customers tend to enjoy having apartments to stay in at their Seville Stag Do, as it gives you a bit of living space and access to a pool, meaning that you get multiple places where you can all try and recover from the night before while enjoying the destination that you’ve chosen to visit.

Popular activities

Being home to a popular football team, we always have the option of the stadium tour in Seville, letting you go behind the scenes of Sevilla FC and see what it’s like in a football stadium as if you were a major player yourself. You’ll get to visit the in-built museum, showing you the origins of the club (which is from the first football match ever recorded as having taken place in Spain!). You’ll also get to see a wide range of trophies include the unique sight of six UEFA Europa League Trophies next to each other – that’s not something you are going to see anywhere else!

There are, of course, a wide variety of other activities available to you and the rest of your Seville Stag Do. Some of the most popular options are those that are always considered traditional Stag Do activities such as Go Karting, Quad Biking, Assault courses and more. However, there are also some options that take on an all-different feel if you take advantage of them in Seville. Golf, for example, is an entirely different beast if you play it on a sun-drenched Spanish course rather than squelching your way around a grubby looking English one. If you fancy getting to see a little more of the city, then why not go for a City Bike tour? This way you’ll get to soak in the Spanish Culture and Architecture while keeping fit and being in control of your own afternoon.

Getting there and Getting around

With flights to Seville easy to arrange from major airports across the UK and not being a bank-breaking cost either, there’s absolutely no reason not to consider it as a great option for your stag do. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find it easy to get from the airport to your accommodation, with plenty of options open to you for both public and private transfers taking you from door to door.

Getting around in Seville itself is also surprisingly easy, with buses, trams and a metro line all easily available to you, meaning that no matter where in the city your Seville Stag Do is trying to go, you’ll be able to find a way to get there quickly and easily, which is always important.


If you think the rest of a Seville Stag Do sounds amazing, wait until you hear about the nightlife that this city has to offer. In short, it is absolutely out of this world. There are a huge selection of bars, pubs and clubs for you to spend your evenings and nights in, drinking everything you can think of – sangria, beer, shots, cocktails, anything else you can imagine that you’d like to drink, Seville will be serving it up in front of you before you’ve even finished asking for it.

For a lot of Seville Stag Do groups, the choice of drinking establishments can be overwhelming. If you think you might be in this group, or just want to get some inside knowledge about where are the best places to drink, then why not book one of our Guided Bar Crawls to take you around for the evening. Your guide will be a friendly, English-speaking local who knows exactly where to go for a good time – they’ll probably even have drinks to hand out and games to play, turning the entire of your night out into something absolutely out of this world. You’ll end up in one of Seville’s many nightclubs as well, which means that you’ll probably be dancing and drinking right through until the sun comes up the next morning. A perfect end to a night out.

How does that sound? Do you like the idea of a Seville Stag Do? Of course you do, I mean, who wouldn’t? We pride ourselves on personalising every quote we give out to ensure it is tailored to your likes, dislikes, budget and requirements, so get in touch today and tell us all about what you want from a Seville Stag Do, and we’ll get a quote over to you quicker than you can say “Thanks very much”.

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