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About Tallinn

Why Choose a Tallinn Stag Do?

The capital city of Estonia and a destination that has significantly increased in popularity in recent years, a Tallinn Stag Do is one of those absolute gems that many people spend their lives looking for. Whilst it spent a few years being a hidden treasure, the word is out and more and more stag dos are booking to go to Tallinn every year.

In fact, this city is popular for all areas, not just stag dos. The number of tourists that visit is huge and increasing every year, so make sure you don’t sleep on your chance to visit one of the most sought after destinations in Europe. It’s plain to see that a Tallinn Stag Do is a great way to spend a weekend, so why aren’t you asking for more information right now?

Getting there and Getting around

“How do I get to Tallinn?” is a question that is commonly asked when people enquire about this amazing destination. Luckily there are a selection of airports up and down the country that can offer you flights direct to this stag do destination of your dreams, so getting there isn’t a problem whatsoever.

The fun starts the moment you arrive, with airport transfers being easily arranged to start your Tallinn Stag Do in the right way – in fact, if you want to start off the way you mean to go on, the sexy stripper transfers are a very popular option, I’m sure you can guess why! These transfers will take you to the centrally based accommodation from which your weekend of fun and debauchery will start.

Where to Stay

Accommodation options are plentiful and exciting for any Tallinn Stag Do. There are popular hotels where you’ll all get to relax in comfy rooms and enjoy some great views, or if you’d prefer to have something a bit homier as a base for your Tallinn Stag Do, then why not go for the apartment style accommodation? These give you some space to live in and have a group of you sharing in each one, so it’ll really feel like you are away with the lads – which is perfect.

Popular activities

There are so many things for you to do on your Tallinn Stag Do that you’ll have no problem whatsoever filling up your days, no matter how many days you are visiting. The most popular activity we offer is the firearms shooting. As this gives you the chance to fire a lot of different weapons that you’d never even get to see in the UK, let alone touch, the appeal is easy to see, and since it’s a competitive sport as well, these two aspects combine perfectly to make it a must-do activity while you are visiting Tallinn.

If you are looking to pick activities that you are unlikely to get to try in the UK, then another popular option for a Tallinn Stag Do is Curling. This is one of those sports that most people have never tried before, so you’ll get thirty minutes training to brush up on the basics before getting into a match to see who is the best out of all of you.

There are other, more common Stag Do activities available for you as well, so if you want to mix the Tallinn-specific ones with some more classic activities such as Go-Karting, Paintball, Quad Biking or a session on some Powerboats, then you can do so. This range of activities is just another reason why a Tallinn Stag Do is such a great plan for your weekend away.


Daytime activities are great. Having good accommodation for a stag do is great. But we all know that one of the most important measures of any Stag Do is the nightlife. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that a Tallinn Stag Do has the potential to serve you up one of the biggest and best nights out you’ve ever experienced.

As you’ll be heading out drinking in a city that you’ve probably never experienced before, why not try making the most of it and booking one of our guided bar crawls? These are perfect for any group, as you’ll be guided around the best bars in the area by a friendly, local, English-speaking guide who knows exactly what you want from a night out and will do their best to ensure that they provide it! They’ll get you playing some games, show you how to get the best drinks deals and maybe even provide a drink or two for free along the way to ensure that an amazing night out is had by all.

Whether or not you go with the bar crawl plan, you’ll find more than enough bars to keep you entertained for as long as you could possibly want, and when you choose to step up to something more, the good news is that there are plenty of options around that as well.

A Tallinn Stag Do wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of the cities best nightclubs, and since they have a great variety of clubs available to you, I can guarantee that you’ll find yourself somewhere absolutely amazing. If you fancy something a bit different from a nightclub, the city has gentlemen’s clubs and casinos to offer you as well, so whether you want to do a bit of gambling or just sit back and enjoy a show, a Tallinn Stag Do will end just as well as it starts!

That all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Why not give us a call and let us create you a quote for a perfect Tallinn Stag Do today.

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