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Rabid Dog Chase Stag Do Weekends

The Details

This one certainly goes into the unique category! You might be thinking WTF, cause we certainly did! Our Insurance company calmed down a bit when we told them the dogs aren’t actually rabid! These are highly trained police Alsatians with a bite pressure of 238 pounds per square inch and when you consider it only takes about 150 psi to bite through some steak, it gives you an idea of the power behind the bark. Now imagine 40kg of highly trained police dog chasing you at 30mph. The chase is one sided and a great stitch up activity for the stag. Don’t worry too much though because the stag will be dressed in some pretty hefty safety gear resembling chain mail, this also helps to slow him down somewhat giving the dog a little extra edge. This event is run by a current serving Latvian State Police Official and is run in a highly controlled environment and you’ll be pleased to know no stags were injured in the creation of this event!

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