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About Riga

Why choose a Riga Stag Do?

Riga is one of those destinations where some of your friends may have visited it before, but very few of them will remember which country it is in. (It’s Latvia, in case you were wondering). This sort of forgetfulness is common after you have been on a Riga Stag Do, as the cheap beer and excellent atmosphere often lead to an overly indulgent and exceedingly entertaining weekend away, and that’s exactly what Riga is always so desperate to provide.

There is a huge amount to do in Riga, whether it’s taking part in planned activities (which we’ll discuss in more detail in a moment), or whether it’s just wandering around and taking in the beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere of this oft-forgotten but amazing city.

Where to Stay?

There are plenty of accommodation options for your Riga Stag Do to take advantage of at this hugely popular destination. Hotels of all shapes and sizes are eager for groups to book in, and will bend over backwards to provide everything you could possibly want. In fact, one of the most popular Riga Stag Do hotels is one that has a strip club in the hotel itself – which is so popular that last time we went there on a company trip, one unnamed member of the team didn’t leave the hotel for more than twenty-four hours!

Popular activities

From an activity perspective, all of the more traditional stag weekend activities you might consider are here and obviously very popular (Go-Karting, Zorb Football etc), but the real attraction for your Riga Stag Do is the number of activities available that are NOT available in the UK. The number one option in these is the firearms package, which is absolutely out of this world. You’ll get to go hands on with a wide range of weaponry that you would never get the chance to shoot in this country (including an AK-47), and you’ll be shooting side by side with your mates to see who is the best shot – after all, what good is a stag do without a little competition?

Another type of activity that is popular outside of the UK is, of course, the stag prank. In Riga you can arrange all sorts of things to stitch up the stag – whether you go for the traditional Stag Arrest, where (from his perspective) he gets suddenly arrested for no good reason, thrown in the back of a van and then delivered to a strip club, or whether you pick something new like the Rabid Dog Chase (don’t worry, they aren’t really rabid!) where he will be hunted down by a trained police dog (don’t worry, he’ll be in proper safety gear!).

Fly boarding - where you take to the water with a jet powered board attached to your feet and do your best to fly across the water without crashing head first into the drink – is another activity that is hugely popular for any Riga Stag Do, as it’s an experience you are unlikely to have had before. If you fancy something else a bit different, why not go bobsledding on an Olympic level track – if you think you are up for it! There is also a Beer Bike – a traditional activity for many Eastern European Stag Dos where you’ll get to see the sights of the city while pedalling what is essentially a giant bar around as you drink a pint or three!

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of Riga Stag Do activities that are available – as you can see below, we have over sixty-five different options for you to include within your quote, so just tell us what you like the look of!


Where to start with the nightlife on a Riga Stag Do? The number of bars and clubs that are available for you to visit is huge, and they are all great value for money and will give you some of the best times you’ve ever had while out drinking. If you like the idea of a local showing you around and clueing you in to the best places available, why not book a guided bar crawl? We have plenty of these available, and they are always hugely popular as they incorporate guides, free drinks and some of the best nightlife you’ll ever experience.

Going out drinking isn’t the only thing to do in the evenings on a Riga Stag Do however. Depending on what you like (or are willing to try), you can watch some semi-naked wrestling (which is as much fun as it sounds like), visit a dominatrix show (if you want to embrace your kinkier side) or spend the night in a prison with a full on Prison Experience (which is perfect if you want to give the stag a bit of a rough time on his Riga Stag Do).

Getting There and Getting Around

A destination that has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years, Riga is now easily accessible from a great selection of UK airports, with flights being very reasonably priced indeed – just one more reason that heading to Latvia could be the best stag weekend decision you’ve ever made. Getting from the airport to the city centre is nice and easy, and we do recommend adding private transfers to your quote, as they are well worth the money.

Essentially, if you are looking for a weekend filled with drinking and debauchery that will leave you generally dishevelled yet exceedingly satisfied, a Riga Stag Do is clearly the one to choose. Get in touch with us now and we’ll price you up a personalised Riga Stag Do quote – you’ll be shocked at the great prices this city can offer!

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