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Stag Do Weekends in Riga


About Riga

Riga is one of those destinations where some of your friends may have visited it before, but very few of them will remember which country it is in. (It’s Latvia, in case you were wondering). This sort of forgetfulness is common after you have been on a Riga Stag Do Weekend, as the cheap beer and excellent atmosphere often lead to an overly indulgent and exceedingly entertaining weekend away. And that’s exactly what Riga is always so desperate to provide.

From an activity perspective, all of the more traditional stag weekend activities you might consider are here and obviously very popular (Go-Karting, Zorb Football etc), but the real attraction for Riga is the number of activities available that are NOT available in the UK. Whether you fancy locking and loading some firearms that you will never get the chance to shoot in this country (including an AK-47), or whether you want to embrace your kinkier side by heading to a Dominatrix show, Riga’s got you covered there too.

And another type of activity that is popular outside of the UK is, of course, the stag prank. In Riga you can arrange all sorts of things to stitch up the stag – whether you go for the traditional Stag Arrest, where (from his perspective) he gets suddenly arrested for no good reason, thrown in the back of a van and then delivered to a strip club, or whether you pick something new like the Rabid Dog Chase (don’t worry, they aren’t really rabid!) where he will be hunted down by a trained police dog (don’t worry, he’ll be in proper safety gear!).

Couple these amazing activities with a nightlife that never knows when to stop – you'll find yourselves in bars, clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, casinos and more with a Riga night out that will keep you going through to the next morning with ease.

A destination that has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years, Riga is now easily accessible from a great selection of UK airports, with flights being very reasonably priced indeed – just one more reason that heading to Latvia could be the best stag weekend decision you’ve ever made.

So get in touch with us and see what we can arrange for your perfect Riga Stag Do Weekend.

What Can You Do In Riga?